War on terror is terrifying

  • Showing its impatience with outside interference in the US system of capital punishment, the Bush administration has pulled out of an international protocol that allowed foreigners on death row to take their cases to the World Court.

    In a two-paragraph letter to Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State told him that the US "hereby withdraws" from the optional protocol, part of the 1969 Vienna Convention on consular relations. It stipulates that signatories must allow the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague - the World Court - to have the final say in cases where foreign citizens say they have been denied access to their own consular officials when jailed abroad. US withdraws the rights of jailed foreigners to international appeal

  • "Not even a 'war on terror' allows the federal government to deprive U.S. citizens of their constitutionally protected rights to liberty and to enjoy the privacy and security of their home and office," the lawyers said. " Mr. Mayfield's rights were trampled by an unconstitutional law, the Patriot Act, and by overzealous law enforcement."

    Mayfield was arrested in May as a material witness in the March 11 train bombing after the FBI linked him to a fingerprint found near the scene. He spent two weeks in jail before the FBI acknowledged it had made a mistake. FBI officials apologized to Mayfield after his release.
    Brandon Mayfield targeted for his Muslim faith

  • A US Department of Justice report released Friday described allegations of mistreatment of Muslim prisoners at several US federal prisons and documented one instance where a warden and guards discriminated and retaliated against Muslim inmates who had complained. The allegations and findings were contained in a regular semi-annual report of alleged civil liberties and civil rights breaches by Justice Department mandated under the Patriot Act. Jurist

  • Children as young as 11 years old were held at Abu Ghraib, the Iraqi prison at the centre of the US prisoner abuse scandal, official documents reveal. US held youngsters at Abu Ghraib

  • Reporters sans frontieres (RSF), Paris has called for the immediate release of Iraqi journalist Majed Fadhil Zaboun, of the independent daily "Al-Fourat." Zaboun has been held by US military forces since he was arrested on the Syrian border, on 28 February 2005, as he was returning from a conference in Damascus.
    Arabic News

  • Declaring that the CIA is "not torturing detainees," the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Pat Roberts, said Thursday that he saw no reason for the panel to investigate allegations that the agency abused prisoners or transferred them to countries that engage in torture.

    "Let me assure you the Senate Intelligence Committee is well aware of what the CIA is doing overseas in the defense of our nation and they are not torturing detainees," Roberts said in a speech in Washington.

    Also Thursday, Vice Adm. Albert T. Church, the Navy's inspector general, said his investigation of the prison abuses found that murky interrogation policies were not responsible for abuses.

    Church's report was criticized by human rights groups for failing to assess blame for what they described as systematic abuse. Church reviewed several previous investigations and oversaw 800 new interviews while also looking into abuse cases in Iraq, Afghanistan and the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    Church's report also included new instances of abuses, including an Army lieutenant colonel in Afghanistan who was disciplined after he detained an entire village for four days and abused many residents.
    No need for CIA abuse probe

  • The UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, launched a fierce attack on Britain and the US yesterday for weakening human rights in the name of the war on terror.

    "Compromising human rights cannot serve the struggle against terrorism," he said. "On the contrary, it facilitates the achievement of the terrorists' objectives by provoking tension, hatred, and mistrust of governments among precisely those parts of the population where he is most likely to find recruits." Erosion of rights in war on terror

Debate goes on...


"Showing its impatience with outside interference in the US system of capital punishment, the Bush administration has pulled out of an international protocol that allowed foreigners on death row to take their cases to the World Court "

Does it mean Bush says it's ok for US citizens overseas to be imprisoned indefinitely for no reason, have no access to lawyers and be excuted with no recourse of appeal to the ICJ?

Wow, I'm sure US citizens will be thrilled about that. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/12/2005 09:42:00 pm  
The current US Gov is an amazing bit of work isn't it? I can't imagine what the future holds as the US isolates itself more and more from the rest of the planet. It will surely effect longterm the way other countries deal with them and their citizens.  

Posted by Dianne
3/12/2005 11:09:00 pm  
All we can hope for here is that this is the last presidential cycle for these people. Rather than holding out much hope that this bunch will cutail their facists ways, and open themselves the scrutiny of any responsible group of outsiders to provide oversight on any of their activities, I'm starting to believe that all we can do is either bring them down under the weight of one of their more blatent screw-ups, or work doubly hard to ensure that 2008 brings us condidates who can win and subsequently undo all this awful shit.

Unfortunately, that also means defeating what seems to be a growing number of truly stupid loud people who recruit primarily by fraternal inclusion, making their joiners, lemmings to a soul, feel grateful just to be associated with a cause they are told is far larger than themselves.

Then, by virtue of the sheer number of these people mindlessly rushing towoard the approaching cliff - the rest of us are simply dragged along. Warning voices are not missing or even simply ignored. Instead, they become simply inaudible amid the roar of the gleeful, glassy eyed masses about to find out their world is indeed flat, finite... and tiny.

Posted by surrogate
3/13/2005 02:07:00 pm  
There's no debate, unles it's the voices you hear in your head...we're not the World. We're not the International Community and yes, we have our own Constitution and International law does not yet usurp our Constitution. So there is no debate. Time to get your medication, deary...you're hearing those voices again. 

Posted by Cao
3/13/2005 09:12:00 pm  
"There's no debate "

Yes, I've noticed that's Bush's way.

"unles it's the voices you hear in your head"

Yep, again, Bush. The Lord talks to him. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/13/2005 09:22:00 pm  



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