US to open Alaskan oil well drilling

This is a disaster and one that cannot be undone. The unmitigated gall of the US government takes my breath away. How did your Senator vote yesterday? Are you part of the future destruction of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? America you break my heart over and over again.

ANWR covers 7.7 million hectares and is home to polar bears and 160 species of migratory birds. But, those are inconsequential to the need for the estimated 10 billion to 16 billion barrels of crude.

Watch Oil On Ice and if you care get to work online and in your communities and for God's sake get new representation.

Oil will destroy this planet. It caused the war in Iraq and attempts to destroy anything in the path of profit. Stop them!


I heard it on NPR yesterday on my way home, and got sick to my stomach. This is what fraudulent electronic voting machines get us, because the majority of Americans favor preserving the environment. There is an abuse of power happening right now, and the Neo-Cons have hijacked our democracy. 

Posted by Sarah
3/17/2005 04:19:00 pm  
Oh noooooooo! this is really bad! Drilling for oil, rejecting the Kyoto Accord, I think someone's got to draw their attention to the fatal results of such actions!

President Bush argues that this is a way to reduce America's reliance on imported oil: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/03/16/politics/main680450.shtml , but aren't there other ways such as alternative energy sources? I mean Earth will run out of oil sooner or later, so the solution is considering alternative natural power sources not destroying environment for oil!!
I'm really frustrated! 

Posted by Eman-Aqua
3/17/2005 04:37:00 pm  
Oh get a grip. It isn't going to be THAT bad...and we may become less dependent upon the very nations who we must now bow down too.
And why do you all assume that drilling for oil is such a disaster these days?  

Posted by Raven
3/17/2005 04:43:00 pm  
What is the big deal with this? Why are you all upset? Drilling for our own oil, in our own country is bad thing? We might become less dependent upon the very nations who harbor our enemies. Lo and behold.

Get a grip. 

Posted by Raven
3/17/2005 04:45:00 pm  
How "fraudulent voting machines" connect to drilling in ANWR baffles me but OK..I can go with it. There is only so much oil to go around, and the sooner we are out of it te better off we will be.

Accordingly I think we should use it up as fast as we can. Bugger the environment, it will fix itself but not until we are out of oil. Scrap conservation and high milage cars. Use up that oil asap. Drill and gulp, burn it all up, pave everything and fill the skies with smog, for the sooner we are out the sooner we can find other sources.

Imagine a world with no oil.....what would we ever fight about? Where would the ME dictators get there money? 

Posted by Kender
3/17/2005 04:55:00 pm  
I've been to Alaska and seen some of drilling sites that are there. It isn't a tenth as bad as it's made out to be. 

Posted by Raven
3/17/2005 05:01:00 pm  
I saw this last night on the French national TV news, and could hardly believe it. Among so many other species of wild-life there, they were showing the migratory herds of caribous, Alaska being one of the last havens for them.

It's so disgusting. It's vile. It's Kender/CAO and Co, and it's all the way up to the top.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the video in Dianne's link and watch that dickhead brandishing a white cardboard piece to an audience saying "THIS IS WHAT ALASKA LOOKS LIKE ". Fuck me dead, is there any hope for America and the world when you have such ignorant fucking cunts running the country?

Oh man, I'm glad I no longer live there. I believe I WOULD buy a gun and start shooting. I can totally relate how The Fixer feels. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/17/2005 05:03:00 pm  
"What is the big deal with this? Why are you all upset? Drilling for our own oil, in our own country is bad thing? We might become less dependent upon the very nations who harbor our enemies. Lo and behold.

Get a grip."

Yeah, I see your point. I mean screw the enivornment. Lets make a few bucks instead. Biodiversity really is quite overrated anyway. Plus, with the profits made there will eventually be a trickle down effect by the invisible market forces to fund research to bring all the extinct species back, Jurrasic Park style. Only without those awful green colored SUV's, but I digress.

Anyone who says otherwise obviously can't keep their eye on the ball. Profit above everything. Anyone says anything else is:

1. A communist
2. A tree-hugging anarchist
3. Is probably gay and/or on welfare  

Posted by deviant1
3/17/2005 05:46:00 pm  
Raven: "I follow like sheep everything I am told by my government."
Kender: "Can't....summon....brain...power...oh I just don't get it."

Turn off the Gameboy and try reading something about geopolitics and other "baffling" subjects, boys. I hear it will broaden your base of knowledge. (Kender that means if you read more you get smarter.) 

Posted by Sarah
3/17/2005 05:54:00 pm  
"Kender that means if you read more you get smarter "

But Sarah, it's not fair on Kender: he went to Bush's school and can't read. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/17/2005 06:53:00 pm  
How does this screw the environment? Show me some real, actual proof. Not propaganda produced by some partisan person.
And I do read about geopolitics and we have to do something to become less dependent upon Saudi Arabia and the ME in general.  

Posted by Raven
3/17/2005 10:28:00 pm  
They don't have any facts, Raven. They just sing nursery rhymes and wave elementary school banners. You know, the stuff they can understand. They like to share those little easy-to-say mantras and laugh amongst themselves but when challenged, they have no real argument. These are socialist greens who would sacrifice the life of a human being for that of an animal.

And btw, Lenin said: "Communism alone is capable of providing really complete democracy."

But James Madison said: Democracy is the most vile form of government ... democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention, have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

I still hold to the truth that we are a constitutional republic.
3/18/2005 12:42:00 am  
"Show me some real, actual proof. Not propaganda produced by some partisan person "

Raven, if you're so ignorant as not being aware of the environmental disasters caused by oil drilling, let alone oil itself, then I suggest you google around. If that's above your techno-peasant capabilities, go to your local library. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 01:40:00 am  
CAO!!! My beloved sweetheart!!! 

Hey, nice to see you dropped by yet again honey, in spite of your turning down my invitation offers on your blog.

Ok, let's go:

"They don't have any facts "

Oh you mean as in YOUR "factual" slandering posts such as the one where you claim that (excerpts copy/pasted from your blog, speaking of Dianne aka "the frenchie"):

1. you’re afraid to live in America because you’ve maxxed out your stupidity card and went to live on the government dole

2. She’s living in France, MLF. On the US Government.

3. she’s living off the American Government to spread her vitriolic anti-American sentiments.

4. And some Americans are “pretending” to be French. On our money. Makes me want to spit.

5. Don’t think the little “fact” has been lost on me that Why Not has an area on his website showing how you can get US Government grant to live in a foreign country.

82 comments later on your blog, and still no explaination. Dang. Couldn't find those facts to back up your claims perhaps?

But this goes back some 2 months, and by now I'd thought you'd manage to do some research and finally come up with some facts.

So... let's hear it, CAO. I'm sure you're not a CAOward and won't once again duck the issue, right? 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 02:34:00 am  
No, you're ignorant. Everyone knows about the accidents with the ships moving oil around, but I have not heard of any hazards related directly to actual drilling.  

Posted by Raven
3/18/2005 02:35:00 am  
"No, you're ignorant ... ... but I have not heard of any hazards related directly to actual drilling "

*I * am ignorant because I know things you don't know? Wow. Impressive argument.

Try googling around, trust me. It's hard work cuz there is so much information out there it's overwhelming.

Here, I'll be kind and give you a hint. Search around about the massive ecological disasters Louisiana has suffered from oil drilling. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 02:46:00 am  
small favor frenchie? Learn how to pronounce "Cao"....you look the dreadful idiot mispronouncing it, "francly" I am so used to seeing idiotic frenchies that a change would be so refreshing. 

Posted by Kender
3/18/2005 02:47:00 am  

I'm sorry you don't understand me. Everyone else does. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 03:07:00 am  
Thnaks for the company name...I like it. Kender/Cao and Co.

I think I will use that.

See? what needs to be done is the oil all needs to be used up as fast as possible. To hell with low emissions and high milage cars. We need to drive cars that get two miles to the gallon.

If the government wants to subsidize something let them subsidize fuel. Make it cheap. Let's just get rid of the stuff. The environment will take care of itself.

Worst case scenario? The human race becomes extinct. Big damn deal. Something else will rise in it's place...always does, that is called nature.

What ever gave you guys the idea that we would be here forever anyway? We've had a good run, a few laughs, a few tears, some wine, and some whine. So we go out with a bang, or maybe a whimpering gurgle, who knows, who cares?

Whiny people like you cause me to hope for that moon sized rock to come along and blast through this planet like cheap french wine through a cheap french man, and much like that scenario, I hope it leaves only smelly bits floating around with a french flag still hanging forlornly from a bit of rock in hopes of aliens someday wandering along and saying "I don't know what made that awful smell, but here's there flag." 

Posted by Kender
3/18/2005 03:09:00 am  
No, you're ignorant because you spread disinformation and call people disgusting names, in full view of your "Christian" wife who must get off on listening to a guttersnipe. That Louisiana thing must be another figment of your wife's imagination, lol...

Explanation for what? Your stupidity? You'd have to look into your ancestry for that explanation.

I know you hang onto every word I've said, whynot, and I'm flattered, but I don't understand the question. Maybe you ought to get a french/english dictionary or have deviant1 explain it to you in french/canadian. I'm sure there isn't much of a difference.

The fact that you guys are socialists and Dianne is living off the french government? Is that what you mean? Because she doesn't like to work? Ok so she's an expatriate and she's supposedly American Indian. She's also a socialist/green, who lives in France. So let's see. American, but doesn't live in America. check. Lives in France, but isn't French. check. Has rejected her native american heritage and the pride they have in their warriors and in the US. check. Married to a frenchman who talks dirty to women, but claims she's a Christian and doesn't know any Bible verses. check. Ridicules Christians and their beliefs as though ridding the world of Christians is a good idea, which -I think-doesn't agree with a Christian Ideology. I forget--what is the question again?  

Posted by Cao
3/18/2005 03:33:00 am  
"Worst case scenario? The human race becomes extinct. Big damn deal. Something else will rise in it's place...always does, that is called nature "

Thanks for explaining Bush's policies so neatly and concisely.

PS: your delightfuly hateful racist comments are a sure winner to convince our readers what you right wingers are on about. Thanks for helping our cause, Kender :-) 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 03:47:00 am  
Your cause is doomed......socialism is a dead end...and europe is losing their humanity, drive, and sense.

Rail against it all you like. In the end we are simply very advanced animals with a thinking brain and an opposable thunb, but animals nonetheless, and as much as you wish the law of the jungel away it is simply too ingrained as part of the survival instinct to deny.

Darwin was correct. Survival of the fittest is simply a law you cannot escape, like gravity.

But then you will learn that soon enough. When the losing socialist policies of europe are changed once it all collapses into chaos. 

Posted by Kender
3/18/2005 04:15:00 am  
"Darwin was correct "

Really? Wow, I thought Darwin was just about banned from US schools.

I'm impressed, Kender. Maybe there IS a brain after all under that pointy hat of yours.

PS: it's "rile"  and "thumb" and "jungle". Just thought you'd like to know, since you're so particular about COAward's correct pronunciation (and I assume, spelling). 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 05:23:00 am  
"How does this screw the environment? Show me some real, actual proof.  "

Raven, you contradict yourself. Your previous comments suggest you are familiar with environmental problems?

Do some research on Louisiana wetlands. Louisiana loses about 40 miles of coastal wetlands every year. Some of this loss is due to the building of levees but a large part was caused by Shell and Texaco dredging the marshes to drill holes to extract oil and gas. Louisiana is literally sinking in places. Do the research.

"Bugger the environment, it will fix itself "

Deductive reasoning, Kender? Let it sink..nature will fix itself?

Cao, 'fascist Christian' is a contradiction in terms. You're either one or the other. I feel the love and Christian kindness across the ocean.  

Posted by Dianne
3/18/2005 05:38:00 am  
WhyNot,thanks for not giving up on Americans altogether. Not all of us maintain a weird cold-war deathwish like Kender, who celebrates the neocon ideal that the extermination of the human race is okey-dokey. We also do not all share this hostility toward Europe that so many rightists seem to enjoy lately. For America to spurn Europe is like an ungrateful adolescent spurning their parents. America might not exist were it not for France's assistance, and most of us do appreciate the Statue of Liberty, too. Okay, I'll stop here to allow the neocon halfwit rebuttals to begin :)

I believe the first one will involve erroneously calling me a socialist. Now that that's  out of the way... 

Posted by SheaNC
3/18/2005 05:40:00 am  
"WhyNot,thanks for not giving up on Americans altogether "

Thanks for the kind words, SheaNC.

You're right, I'm not giving up on America because 1) it's one of my 3 homes 2) I'm married to one of the natives 3) I care about the entire planet.

I think the US is going through an adolescence crisis, as you infer (if I'm reading correctly), and will hopefully grow out of it, just like we Europeans have slowly learned to grow out of our imperialist ways.

If the US teething problems only affected them, it would be one thing. Unfortunately, with emperor Bush swinging his swastika stick around, the entire planet is concerned. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 06:29:00 am  
SheaNC isn't a socialist.....I'm not sure what he is except wrong...and Shea? America isn't acting like a rebellious teenager.....no, we are more like the person that is tired of taking care of the crazy senile old bastard that raised us and now we're just looking for a home for the old coot.

And yes, Dianne, nature abhors a vacuum and will corroct herself.

Besides, I have been to Louisiana and most of it can sink and I won't cry a bit. Besides if it sinks and the ocean moves in then someones land just got that much closer to the ocean and their property value went up, so let it sink and improve the economy.

As far as Darwin goes, he may have been banned in some midwest schools, but out here in Cali. Darwinism is taught. Survival of the Fittest baby, Adapt or Perish, the race to the swiftest and the spoils to the victor yadayadayada.

By the way, "jungle" and "thumb" were indeed mispelled, and if all you can do is find letters out of place so be it, but it isn't "riled", it is "RAIL". 

Posted by Kender
3/18/2005 07:10:00 am  
"Survival of the Fittest baby, Adapt or Perish... "

It's too bad you don't use your strengths to fight the causes of the less fortunate, Kender, if only because you do believe in survival of the fittest. You cannot stop the ever encroaching jungle where you will need new and different skills to survive.
It won't be pretty. It never is. But, it's inevitable as social stresses mount on an ever increasing population.  

Posted by Dianne
3/18/2005 11:46:00 am  

"check ... check ... check ... check ... I forget--what is the question again? ”

Ah, I understand now why you missed answering every single question I asked: by the time you figure out a reply your lil pea brain has already forgotten the question, right?

Try re-read the quotes I copy/pasted from your own blog and outlined above, i.e. referring to Dianne "maxxing out her stupidity card" , Dianne "living off the US gov", Dianne "pretending to be French", "living off the American gov" and last but not least "the little fact on WhyNot's web site about US gov grants".

So.... when are you actually going to answer the questions, CAOward instead of keeping dodging them?

you're ignorant because you spread disinformation...

Are you talking to yourself and referring to the above-mentioned slander you spread and for which you still refuse to apologize? Or maybe your refering to your explaining to everybody on the internet about your "factual knowledge" of the NYC crime which was "obviously" due to muslims, seeing "only muslims could be that hateful" - about which the blogging world is still rolling on the floor laughing at you?

You do have a special talent for sticking your foot in your mouth every time you open it, don't you, LOL? 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 12:23:00 pm  
I totally agree with you Dianne. This should stop.
If only they'd invest the money they put into wars and drilling into finding alternative clean energy sources, this world would actually become a better place for everyone. 

Posted by MMM
3/18/2005 12:48:00 pm  

It's not law yet and hopefully the American people are contacting their representatives and voicing their disgust and disapproval.

There's an excellent article (pdf) entitled 'Fools Gold in Alaska' found here  

Posted by Dianne
3/18/2005 02:37:00 pm  
I have been calling my reps....but if I do happen to mention the alaska drilling subject I will be sure to give them a pat on the back for it.

It's going to come out of the ground eventually, it may as well be now as later.

What do you folks think? That it will sit there undisturbed once the oil reserves start to run dry?

Get real. 

Posted by Kender
3/18/2005 07:26:00 pm  

"I have been calling my reps.... "

Good for you.

BTW, slightly off subject here, but since you're part of the same pack of hyenas, you might have an idea if Mad Cao has given up trying to wipe her ass. Is she too embarrassed looking like a complete fool or is she just her normal CAOwardly self?

Just curious :-) 

Posted by WhyNot
3/18/2005 11:20:00 pm  
Yeah that's right. Lets fuck up the last bit of our wilderness Right Now, just so we can get a few more drops of that oil we already agree we shouldn't be so dependent on.... that takes brains. Personally as a hunter I care about the environment. I want the wilderness to be there for my children. I am tired of you idiots who pander to, and repeat the party line of, those corporate/political interests who just want to make a buck off our country's land. You aren't even arguing in your own best interest. Are you so indoctrinated, so propagandized, so sheep-like that you will believe whatever is told you? Why do you support that which makes other people money at your own expense? Looks to me like the new definition of stupidity. Only problem is, your idiocy is taking the rest of humanity down with you. 

Posted by Sarah
3/19/2005 04:58:00 am  
Exactly. If they would just pollute their own yards and leave ours alone, that would be fine. But they have to ruin it for everyone. It's as if they miss their cold war so much they have to create a new doomsday scenario so they won't miss out on the rapture. 

Posted by SheaNC
3/19/2005 06:29:00 am  
Actually Cao and the rest of us "hyenas" have been busy today trying to save a life and really have no time for silly games over here when there is real work to be done. I only stopped by for a breather away from the insanity that the evil socialist leftists ahve caused in America today.

You guys are exactly like them too. Morally bankrupt prattling whiners that will never see the truth of life and cannot admit to the greatness that lies within. But then I attribute that to your own cowardice of your abilities, your fear of failure and a lack of drive.

Damned spinless socialists. 

Posted by Kender
3/19/2005 09:18:00 am  
"Actually Cao and the rest of us "hyenas" have been busy today trying to save a life  "

Kender we know you and Cao etc.etc. well enough to ascertain if you are trying to save a life it's for your own selfish desires and not because you give a damn about another humanbeing. 

Posted by Dianne
3/19/2005 11:34:00 am  

"Actually Cao and the rest of us "hyenas" have been busy today trying to save a life  "

ROFLOLLLLLLLLL!!! This has to be the most hilariously idiotic statement of the century.

Kender, by now, I could write a 2 page article composed of quotes of yours where you consistently, repeatedly, openly and proudly claim you don't give a single fuck about any life other than yours.

So, in effect what you are really  meaning to say is:

No, CAO is such a caoward she doesn't have the guts to explain herself, and you Kender are her little peon who has to wipe her ass and make up a bullshit story excuse on her behalf.

PS: when are you off to Iraq to go kill terrorists with your godly love? 

Posted by WhyNot
3/19/2005 01:51:00 pm  
Damn you guys are funny.......I am fairly vertain that I have never said I don't give a fuck about any life but my own.

What I have said is that people that stay poor are either too stupid, lazy or just didn't get that shake in life.

How saving someones life could be a selfish act on my part is beyond me, especially since I get NOTHING from it save a feeling of doing something good for someone that couldn't help themselves.

That is a far cry from "helping" the poverty striken with government programs using my money.

You guys are extremely entertaining.....like watching rabid monkeys squeal for dinner. 

Posted by Kender
3/20/2005 01:07:00 am  
What have I got to explain, whynot?

Why don't you have your chicken frenchie-wannabe wife stand up and explain what she is exactly? I'm trying to understand. I'm flattered that you have the stuff I've written saved, is that so you can go to your french/english dictionary to figure out what I said? Maybe deviant1 can translate from canadian/french, I'm sure it's not that far removed.

Lessee claims she's a Christian but doesn't know the Bible and attacks Christians for their beliefs, just like you. There's "tolerance" for ya. That makes you both bigots, but what the hell, socialists think they're superior, saving the environment at the world's expense, but that's what greens do, right? They think animals lives are more important than a man's. Or a terrorist is a "freedom fighter". Some courageous man you are, talking on behalf of the terrorists who fight like cowards behind women and children to make sure they die first, who raise their children to commit suicide to kill more Christians and Jews. If could start loving their children more than they hate the Jews, that would be a first.

Lessee...She's an indian but doesn't hold America in revere her like Native Americans do, I don't recall I ever heard her say she'd been to a Pow Wow, right? Must bug her that at every single ceremony they bring out and honor their warriors/veterans. American Expatriate so...not American, hates America, guess that makes her French. Lives in France, but...isn't really french....just masquerading as one, with pictures of her eyes rolled back in her head with that bad perm and dye job but one thing for sure, is...she sure likes that 35 hour work week! And tell me, when you talk dirty to other women, does your Christian wife say "do it again"?
3/20/2005 02:12:00 am  
What have I got to explain, whynot? ”


Thanks for your long diatribe. Lots of points in there, which I'll try to answer.

But first I want to know why you still haven't explained your 5 point slander I described earlier on. That's all.

And if you can't substantiate the accusations, which is obviously the case since they are all false, then I'd expect some recognition of your wrong instead of constantly doging the question by hurling more insults. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/20/2005 03:08:00 am  
"Actually Cao and the rest of us "hyenas" have been busy today trying to save a life..." 

Know who he means? Terry Schiavo, that's who. Kender is on a hunger strike, to show his (creepy) support for the obscene public and governmental intrusion into that family's personal life. As the Rude Pundit wrote about it on Friday:

"What a spectacle that's gonna be. What a fucking horror show. What an embarrassment to this nation. All those righteous members of Congress, weeping because Schiavo can't answer their questions, listening to her machine sounds, the suckings, the gurgles. They called Schiavo before the committee in a little over a week because "it is a federal crime to harm or obstruct a person called to testify before Congress." Another person, another prop."


Another prop indeed. Kender and Cow, neither of you give one flying fuck about Terry Schiavo and you know it. The only thing you are interested in is your own appearance of virtue, your own conceited stroking of your own inflated egos. It is morally repugnant, this self-serving invasion of other people's private lives.

Must be tiring, typing with one hand all the time. Quit jacking off on the Internet to each other's sanctimony and imagining yourselves the keepers of everyone else's morality...you are embarrassing yourselves. Good luck on the diet though, Kender. You got a long way to go and you could use it.  

Posted by Sarah
3/20/2005 05:07:00 pm  
"Why don't you have your chicken frenchie-wannabe wife stand up and explain what she is exactly? "

I relish the thought that we may one day meet in person, Cao. I will then introduce myself so there will be no mistaking what I am. I have family in Illinois btw.  

Posted by Dianne
3/20/2005 06:26:00 pm  



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