This Site has Moved...

We have moved...


(please update your site's link to the new address: http://dianne.free.fr/)

I should say we are in the process of moving and as moving goes it's a bit messy.

There will be no new postings to this site but comments will stay enabled until we are settled in our new address. Our first attempt at importing Blogger post and comments to the new site failed so for now we will ask each member to re-post their most recent articles to the new site. This hasn't been done yet but should happen within the next 24 hours. In the meantime feel free to comment here at least until we are settled at the new address. For a time we will keep this site up although at some point we will shut down commenting before the spam merchants find it.

Our decision to move was based on Blogger's many problems and our desire to be hosted by a European country rather than the US (we didn't like the idea of being under US jurisdiction... fancy that... I wonder why!).

The new site is going to be bigger and better (not to mention 100 times faster) and we hope to see you all there. Lots of things need to be implemented and refined but for now, it's useable as it is. Certainly more so than Blogger :-)




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