My truth (La mia verità)

By Giuliana Sgrena
Translated by Eva Milan, ZabrinskyPoint

March 6, 2005 (from Il Manifesto)—I am still in the darkness. Last Friday was the most dramatic day of my life since I was abducted.

I had just spoken with my abductors, who for days kept telling me I would be released. So I was living in wait. They said things that I would understand only later. They talked of transfer related problems. I had learned to understand which way the wind blew from the attitude of my two "sentinels," the two fellows who watched over me every day—especially one of them, who attended to my requests, was incredibly bold. In the attempt to understand what was going on, I provocatively asked him if he was happy because I would go away or because I would stay. I was surprised and happy when, for the first time, he told me, "I only know you will go, but I don't know when."

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Naturally, we'll never know the truth. How can we? On the one hand, one woman's say, however impressive her record as a journalist with integrity is, and on the other hand an entire edifice of corrupt murderers whose records of toppling govs, instating dictatorships around the globe is second to none.

But all of us *know* the truth, whatever lame bullshit we get *officially* fed from the US fascist gov. 

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3/08/2005 06:38:00 pm  



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