Iraq Oil Workers, Police Officials Resist US Occupation

Two articles that show again that Iraqis are a bit at odds with all the war junkie proclamations of peaceful co-existence with occupation.

We see it as our duty to defend the country's resources. We reject and will oppose all moves to privatize our oil industry and national resources. We regard this privatization as a form of neo-colonialism, an attempt to impose a permanent economic occupation to follow the military occupation.

The resistance to the occupation forces is a God-given right of Iraqis, and we, as a union, see ourselves as a necessary part of this resistance - although we will fight using our industrial power, our collective strength as a union, and as a part of civil society which needs to grow in order to defeat both still-powerful Saddamist elites and the foreign occupation of our country.

We as a union call for the withdrawal of foreign occupation forces and their military bases. We don't want a timetable - this is a stalling tactic. We will solve our own problems. We are Iraqis, we know our country and we can take care of ourselves. We have the means, the skills and resources to rebuild and create our own democratic society. Guardian

Police officials from Salaheddin Iraqi northern province went on strike protesting against the burst-in of US militaries into this armed body´s central garrison, reported press media Thursday.

According to the also Police commander in Salaheddin a US troops detachment attacked the general garrison Wednesday destroying part of the installation.

Samarra´s community Council resigned this Thursday protesting against the presence of US militaries in the center of the city, capital of Salaheddin. Prensa




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