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Ok people, listen up. Eponymous pointed us to an excellent site "No Sweat Apparel.com within our discussion on sweatshops. I had a look around and saw they have a way you can support both them and us. We have now put their graphic link in our lefthand column. It's not a click for pay link. We only make a profit if you buy something. So visit, have a good look around especially at the sources they use to make their products and for goodness sakes, buy something! Support the working class! The above graphic link will work as well.

Our union made apparel promotes the cause while supporting existing hard pressed union shops and their workers. By helping build up a viable competitor you are helping to create what the big brands fear most--a real alternative and a vigorous trade union movement in the developing world.

All products may be returned for exchange or full refund for any reason whatsoever within 45 days of receipt.
Bargain Flat Rate Shipping! Order as many items as you want and only pay a flat $4.00 shipping & handling fee for all domestic orders!

* terrorist organizations, the NRA & GOP affiliates need not apply!


I resemble that remark :) 

Posted by Sarah
3/21/2005 09:13:00 pm  
Oh, and if you want an opinion on their merchandise, ask Yelladog.  He ordered quite a bit of stuff from them last year and wears it all the time. I know I'll be placing an order (as soon as I recover from my recent NYC trip). 

Posted by eponymous
3/22/2005 03:44:00 pm  
Eponymous, while I think of it, and in case you read this comment:

A few posts back (hehe... quite a few now), you expressed some interest in Salvador Allende's last words, and seeing it was an audio file in Spanish and your Spanish is rusty....

Check the thread again, cuz Dianne found a transcript in English which Marco (who speaks both lingos fluently) confirmed to be accurate, and suggested to listen to the audio in Spanish while reading the text in English.

Quite a heart-beating experience.

Here is the link to the article & thread:
Salvador Allende's last words  

Posted by WhyNot
3/22/2005 04:05:00 pm  
"We only make a profit if you buy something."

What a silly concept. It will never work. And what would happen if you got into the embarassing situation of selling too many items? You'd be rich. Is that fair?

Nah, just teasing. Good luck on your venture. 

Posted by ZenTiger
3/24/2005 05:36:00 am  
"What a silly concept. It will never work "

What do you mean "it will never work"? It IS working, and it's by the consumer supporting companies like these, i.e. the ones that some  ethics, that the gross exploitation of humans as slaves by the majority of Companies can be curbed. (there is also direct gov intervention, but govs can't do much about regulating wages outside their own country's borders). 

Posted by WhyNot
3/24/2005 05:51:00 am  
"And what would happen if you got into the embarassing situation of selling too many items?  "

Embarassing? Not for me. Cash would mean I could do more than talk about 'making poverty history.'  

Posted by Dianne
3/24/2005 06:03:00 am  
"Embarassing? Not for me"

I am relieved that the proposect of vast sums of money will not embarass you. That is a healthy attitude.

It is also good to confirm my other theory. I am not the only socially responsible capitalist out there.

It looks like its just you and me Dianne. We'll make lots of money and end poverty, and the world will be forced to admitt that capitalism can be used as a force for good.
3/24/2005 06:23:00 am  
Vast sums of money not only do not embarass me but as I said, I only wish I had more to share. The desire to attain 'vast' sums of money strictly for one's own use is not in my opinion a healthy attitude at all. The waste that we see in the western world today due to over supply and plain old selfishness is criminal and at its heart is capitalism a system that thrives only on profit. It's rare to see corporations become socially aware unless they're forced into it by threat of profit loss.
'No Sweat' is trying to do more and for the moment seems to be suceeding. I hope we can help and that's the reason I signed onto their program and not with any idea of seeing vast sums of money.

Posted by Dianne
3/24/2005 02:24:00 pm  
"...criminal and at its heart is capitalism a system that thrives only on profit. It's rare to see corporations become socially aware unless they're forced into it by threat of profit loss.
'No Sweat' is trying to do more and for the moment seems to be suceeding

Precisely, but it seems ZenT missed the point completely. All he could see in it was yet another capitalist venture, and assessed it on its "gain revenue" potential and no more.

And seeing this is a Co which is willing to sacrifice some of its possible profit margin by NOT  imitating others and using slave labor, it is indeed in the spirit of socialism rather than capitalism.

In fact, it resembles the concept of what we have here in France: "Associations". Which effectively work just like companies, i.e. they provide/sell goods/services, employ ppl, pay them salaries, but none of the profit goes into shareholders pockets, it stays within the Co's treasury - and the board directors decides how to use it (i.e. increase salaries / invest in expanding the business / etc).

When living in Australia, they had the same thing in existence and it even went one step further towards socialism:

The NRMA (National Road Motorist Association, from memory) was the most respected insurance Co in the land, and one of the oldest too. They offered very competitive rates, but more importantly actually forked the money out when accidents called for it. They offered a nation wide road service for next to nothing (around the AU$30/year), and a free legal aid service. Their reputation was unblemished - nothing like the huge US-style insurance Co sharks that competed with it, and which always found some small fine print clause in the contract to explain why they were quite happy to rake your premiums in for 4 years but when you have an accident and make a claim, suddenly "discover" that some fine print clause wasn't met in the contract, and therefore it releases them from the obligation of covering you for your accident - as I experienced myself.

And last but not least - get a load of this ZenT - the board of directors was actually elected by the members! Yep, a socialist enterprise, buddy. When the NRMA was short on profit at the end of one year, the insurance premiums would rise. But when profits were good, premiums decreased.

To paraphrase you ZenT, this confirms my theory that capitalism is not only NOT the only solution for a prosperous economy, it is one that is inherently injust for society but is so prevalent that there is no way to easily and brutally escape from it. But there is the socialist alternative, which not only works at the gov level to curb the ever greedy & rapacious entrepreneur, but works even right down to the succesful economic model. 

Posted by WhyNot
3/24/2005 04:23:00 pm  



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