Why we denounce George Bush

Some people feel we are just another bash George Bush group. They tell us how tired they are of hearing us and would we please shut up. No matter what any of us say I imagine their minds won't be changed. But, in an effort to straighten this matter out I'm going to share mine and my husband's thoughts and reasons for denouncing George Bush.

Unlike many, we are not Democrats. This is not part of a political campaign. We do not even live in the states. I am an American citizen. My husband is not. We along with so many others on the planet watched the runup to the Iraq invasion in shock and disbelief. We could not believe this monstrous war machine was going to actually bomb a defenseless people.

We listened to inspectors, human rights organizations, leaders of countries that knew Saddam and Iraq well. They were all saying 'No, this is not right.' We listened and we watched as the US overuled them all. We watched France, Germany and Russia try to stop it with a vote. The US said we don't need you and if you are not with us, you are against us.

We watched from our televisions with tears in our eyes and screams in our hearts as innocent people died by the thousands. There was no hatred of America or George Bush, only despair. The invasion of Iraq was and is a travesty of justice that no one expected a country such as the US would ever consider.

But, we didn't know the heart and mind of George Bush. We do now and we fight him in every way we can. We point out every fault in an effort to stir up those that have the power to bring him down. We act within our legal rights. We live in a country where freedom of expression is fought for rather than oppressed.

Today we know George Bush, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and oh so many others lied about their reasons for the invasion. The US was not in any danger from Saddam or the Iraqi people. That is a fact not an opinion.

In my own judgement I believe that George Bush knew it was going to be a piece of cake. As surely as they sold us satellite pictures of fake labs they knew the impotency of Saddam and the Iraqi people. Iraq was no more than a lab rat to test US military might. The 'oh so masterful campaign' was 'shock and awe' only in it's ability to strike fear in the hearts of any that think to stand in the way of US power.

I cannot change the minds of those who choose to stand behind this man. I cannot stop them in their desire to annul our freedom of speech. I can only continue to tell the truth as we all know it.

Our fight against George Bush is not political. It is a humanitarian fight. It is a fight against indignity and against oppression. It is a fight for freedom and democracy in the truest sense of the words.

George Bush has attained power in the states that would be unthinkable in other parts of the western world. He has become a President with few checks and balances and I imagine the few he has will not last long unless the American people wake up to what is happening within their great country. Those of us in Europe recognize all too well the making of a totalitarian state.

Many on the right will scream, 'traitor, we are at war!' I would say to them, "I cannot betray my conscience. I must be true to my convictions. Anything less would indeed be treachery."


Geee... don't Dianne talk so sexy sometimes? No wonder I love this woman :-)

Ok, here is an addendum from me. Dianne's already said it, but I want to emphasize it some.

It's about the horse and the cart.

In the US, there are basically 2 political parties - the Democrats and the Republicans. The rest is just papier maché decorum to make it look like there is actually a democracy going on somewhere, a bit like the token black dudes in comedies.

This 2 party system has created some kind of atmosphere that "one's either a Rep or a Dem". And if one's a Rep, than any Dem person is evil while any Rep person is a saint, and conversely. Kind of reminds me of the "you're with us or against us" adage, but I guess I'm straying off the subject here.

For a European like me, it's a rather hilarious mystery how freedom of thought ends up in such a narrow-minded simplification of the Good and the Bad. It's like John Steinbeck wasted his life writing in American. But anyway, straying off the main point again, sorry...

Anyhow, my point is this:

Like Dianne says: unlike most Americans, our message is nothing about "Bush is bad because he's on the REP side". I personally couldn't give a grander fuck whether Bush is Rep rather than Dem. He's an asshole motherfucker, point blank. He and Kerry are so far away from my conception of what a western democracy should be like, that I really don't see the connection between his being a REP member and the price of fish.

Those right wingers are so engrossed in their lil pesky dual party mentality they miss the overal picture altogether. Oh, by the way, same applies to most of US Dems.

When it comes to us (Dianne and I), we just don't care whether they claim to be self professed idiots or self professed cretins. Those that jump on our asses non-stop have got our motivation quite wrong. It's not because Bush is the Rep party leader that we dislike him, it's simply because he's a fascist dongdiver asshole. If he was the leader of the Dem party, we'd kick his ass just the same.

So, to get back to my horse/cart metaphore: the reason we dislike Bush is NOT because he's a REP and therefore MUST be bad. It's because he IS BAD and therefore must be denounced and fought against.
2/14/2005 11:53:00 am  
Very well said.

What gets me everytime is that when there are any anti-war/anti-Bush statements made, the Republicans always scream that soldiers died for our freedom. That's bullshit! What about the Canadians, the Europeans ...etc Who died for their freedom of speech? They have the same freedoms we do. Hello?

Our motives to go to war, based on history, had NOTHING to do with fighting for our freedom to speak our minds.

Our men fighting in Iraq? How are they fighting for our freedom of speech right now? Give me a break. As each day goes by, we are little by little losing our freedoms.
2/14/2005 01:09:00 pm  
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2/14/2005 05:14:00 pm  
There are a lot of points in here, but I just want to address one, which is the issue of attacks and perceived attacks on freedom of speech.

Personally, I can't stand it when people are willing to to try to shut others up with platitudes about "those who've died for our rights." Yeah, they have died for our rights, including the right to not shut up.

On the other hand, I resent the common implication that by being conservative and arguing conservative points, I'm somehow attacking other people's right to free speech myself. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And you're right, WhyNot, there is a certain amount of wilful stupidity that goes along with party-alignment, which is why I registered independent.

At the same time, I don't align myself with any particular ideology, either, since I think doing so is just abdicating one's responsibility to sort through facts on his own.
2/14/2005 05:19:00 pm  
Brogonzo the following was a comment that was posted yesterday. Today's post was my response to it.
This is far from what you are talking about i.e. being conservative and arguing conservative points.

"All of you ... Americans and the foreigners alike -- if there is one country out there that is any better at anything than America --honesty included, then go, go and be happy! I get so tired of seeing all this criticism without a better idea to follow. If you can't come up with a better option then just shut up ... since when has bitching and complaining made a difference in anything? I suppose it must be hard for some of you to get your minds around the thought that your "ideal form of government" has been tossed on the trash heap of history, but it has ... I suppose none of you will be happy until you force America there with you. Go ahead and destroy her and you'll get what you deserve ... a little totalitarianism anyone, better get the Koran memorized, what direction is Mecca? Forget ever having the right to bitch freely again, because Islamafascist don't play that. America is the reason we are all free to speak our minds ... it is the idea that has set an example for the world. Even wonder who's behind all this hate America speech ... only people who really seem to hate FREE SPEECH. And please ... don't you dare say we don't hate America, just it's policies ... America is it's policies. I would say love it or leave it, but even France isn't far enough away to shut you up! Start paying attention to your own countries policies ... not so swift either are they? Odd, that you let America dominate your hate filled time."
2/14/2005 11:38:00 pm  
He has a point, albeit a lousy one.

"When has bitching and complaining made a difference in anything"?

I agree.

Do something.

Don't bomb a building. Don't espouse violence...that begets violence.

If Europe (which has enough nukes to threaten the U.S.) REALLY wanted to exercise it's collective muscle...it could...econmically or militarily. The problem is that Europe is a collection of competitive tribes, all looking out for what is best AT THE MOMENT for themselves. A bit like the post-U.S.S.R.

So to you European readers, I say...stop preaching to Americans. It will not change many minds. Preach to your fellow Europeans. Change their minds. If the EU eer came even close to being a USA, it would wield more influence than China or the U.S.

Get your own house in order.
2/15/2005 12:18:00 am  
"So to you European readers, I say...".

There are valid points here, Buckwheat.

In particular, the EU countries are still very much at the selfish competitive tribe level, you're certainly right on the money here. The idea of embracing the EU concept as being a big family is a long way off - right now, it's still "what's in it for me?".

Things are progressing, and in fact surprisingly fast when you think of the achievements accomplished so far, especially when putting into perspective the vastly different cultures, plus the fact most of these countries have for centuries been at war with each other.

This coming week there is a first step of quite a dramatic change: Spain is going to vote on a EU constitution (via a referendum). The polls indicate it will most likely vote Yes, but I must say I have doubts it will be unanimously accepted (all 25 country members have to approve it for it to pass). Still, things have moved a long way in 30 years.

When it comes to Europeans preaching to each other, don't think for a minute it doesn't happen. Not so much on Internet forums, but in real life. Oh yes, plenty of debates and criticism going on here, and shit flying in all directions. But the forum and blog bug hasn't caught Europe like it has the US, and this is why you don't observe much going on. But if you had the chance to even just watch the national TV news, you'd realize what a boiling meling pot it is.
2/15/2005 02:25:00 am  
"I'm somehow attacking other people's right to free speech myself. ",

I'm sorry if I (or others) give you this impression, Brogonzo. I know I'm guilty of having an extremely short temper.

I hope you realize that (by simply cruising around the comments here and even more flagrantly on my and Dianne's personal blogs), we are under constant blind & racist attacks, ranging from "you fuckin' frenchie, shut up and get out of here if you don't like it" to "all french ppl are cunts and deserve to be exterminated".

Tis not always obvious to be rational when dealing with ppl of that caliber when you happen to be at the wrong end of the stick. It takes its toll on one's ability to discern between valid criticism and sheer racist hatred.

But I'm glad you point the issue out - I'll try my best not to let blind hatred get to me too.

As someone pointed out not that long ago (Ran (http://www.noreligionnow.com/) on a comment on Dianne's private blog), one must watch one's reaction not to retaliate to blind hatred with more blind hatred. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/15/2005 10:53:00 am  
"stop preaching to Americans ",

Another thing, Buckwheat, you might take into consideration:

My experience with political blogging is that Americans (which are clearly the major part of bloggers) care nothing about non-US related issues. Whether Dems or Reps.

The many times I've brought up European issues, even pointing out problems and wrongs, have been met with big yawns.

Right now another example proves my point: most posts here attract at least 2 or 3 comments, and for many, quite a few. Yet the very significant Beirut incident (significant in that it wasn't just a huge explosion downtown, but a political murder likely to have huge implications) seems to attract the interest of not one person, this in spite of Dianne posting 2 articles about it.

So, I guess I'll stick to pointing out the wrongs of Bush and America. Seems like the only thing Americans are interested in. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/15/2005 09:31:00 pm  



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