Superbowl Sunday...

Good Morning Boys and Girls!

surrogate reporting here from sunny Florida.

I’m in the company of people who make me smile and as I type a strange little dish is cooking in the oven that smells just great.

Later today, a little north of here, the Superbowl will be played and around here, it seems that everyone is pretty excited about it. To me, any excuse to get together with friends is good enough, though I really don’t care much about the game. I’ll watch it though, like so many others…”for the commercials” …and to see if anyone decides to “mess” with the FCC. From what I understand from an article I just read in the Miami Herald, things are supposed to be quite tame this year.

It’s funny to me how much of a controversy last year’s breast exposure caused considering everything else that was going on at the time. I thought it was a big diversion for the country done simply to get people to talk about anything but what really mattered. But then, I do have a cynical streak in me that I have to work to contain. To me it seemed absurd that anyone would worry one way or the other whether Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake “staged” the event. It seemed rather obvious that someone did since I doubt very seriously that the “nipple jewelry” she was wearing was something even a star type performer would normally be wearing if it wasn’t meant to be seen at some point.

Like so many other orchestrated diversions, this one did what I have a sneaking suspicion it was intended to do. It changed the focus of the public. From my perspective it wouldn’t surprise me if the same people who ended up being so publicly outraged by the event were, behind their backs and from their other hand, giving the okay - if not the order - for the prank to be carried out in the first place.

Like the irony of Ned Beatty’s speech in the movie “Network” so many years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised that, when push comes to shove, instead of “tampering with the primal forces of nature” we’ eventually find out that those primal forces, (- read “money and power”) were, in fact, simply using a couple of their corporate pawns to further their own real agenda - which was to get people to stop talking about the war as a bad thing for a few days, hours or minutes, or to keep us from questioning our own leadership for a while, or to interrupt the way logic is interpreted by the rapidly firing synapses in our continuously bombarded brains.

Like the thief who ends up justifying his trade because of the situations his life has lead him through, our own ability to simply recognize right from wrong is constantly under attack by the mitigating barrages and assaults on our ability to calmly think from the propaganda arms of the same power structures that seeks to control that ability within us.

So, beware, be aware, and always look through the machine-produced fog.

Be good to everyone.


I also thought the outrage over Janet Jackson's breast was way over the top. It's just a breast for God's sake. It did turn out to be a useful tool.
If these people were truly outraged we would be hearing more about the atrocities committed by those who subjugate women and children sexually for profit. But, I have yet to read one headline or blog on the issue today or yesterday or the day before that... 

Posted by Dianne
2/06/2005 05:40:00 pm  
I can't believe this is still public topic. What's wrong with America? Hasn't anyone ever seen a boob with a nipple in their life? Sheeeshh, the mind truly boggles. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/06/2005 08:45:00 pm  



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