Sing along everyone!

Good afternoon boys and girls!

think it's time for a song. We haven't had a song in
a while...and damn it, I'm in the mood to sing,
sooooo, if the drummer would start for me... kind of
an easy cut time thing.... and, as usual to the tune
of "My Favorite Things" since most people know it -
and it's easy to spoof... here we go.

Maybe the news will be better tomorrow
- all of the killing will stop - far less sorrow
we'll call our soldiers home, let Iraq be
they'll work it out with the insurgency

hup 23, 223, 323 423...

The in-vasion premise, was flawed from the get-go
We al-ready knew, that Sa-dam had let go
of all of those weapons, he'd had for so long
Since George Herbert Walker had passed them along

But now...
Sadam, so the story goes, tried to kill Daddy
this really made G.W.B. friggen batty
So after the Trade Center thing had gone down
George screamed "Sadam did it" all over town

So suddenly we found he'd murdered his people
Sadam, like the Shah, had crossed over to evil
No longer our lap dog, we all seemed surprised
this guy we'd created, we all now despised

(Chorus - for Sadam)

Once OUR trusted, evil henchmen
worked for-the C-IA
He did what we asked him for twenty-odd years
then - time to put HIMMMMM a-way.

The fact it was pulled by by another old crony
was lost on or ignored, by this moron and phony

His lips keep on moving, but I just hear crying
He claims he does God's work, while more folks are

Remember who bankrolled his first business f*ck-up?
Funny Bin Laden' have become Bush suck-ups
or maybe it's George who is down on his knees
Giving all he can give them, just trying to please.

(Chorus - For Osama)

Once OUR trusted, evil henchmen
worked for-the C-IA
He did what we asked him for twenty-odd years
then - time to put HIMMMMM away.

Double-u's logic, is selectively twisted
His victims, like Bundy's are methodically listed
He won't trust a jury on medical claims
but on capitol punishment, he has other aims

Like many sick criminals, he justifies killing
Don't get where he gets it, he must find it thrilling
Some generals he praises shoot people for fun
Bet he'd love shooting folks in the back, on the run

(Chorus - For George)

He's OUR trusted, evil henchmen
Ignored-the C-IA
He's done what he pleases for twenty-odd years
It's time to put HIMMMMM away.
Okay... so it's a little rough. Shoot me.

Be good to everybody!

Dianne... delete it if you want to... wasn't sure about this...lol


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2/08/2005 07:05:00 pm  
I love it, Surrogate. Good work! :) 

Posted by Dianne
2/08/2005 07:09:00 pm  
“sooooo, if the drummer would start for me... ”.

Ok, let me grab my sticks... ready?

Click........ Click...... one, click, three, click,
I like this poem. At least I can understand it, which is more than can be said about most, LOL.

Posted by WhyNot
2/08/2005 07:22:00 pm  
I think its great! 

Posted by Sarah
2/09/2005 09:53:00 pm  



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