Public Service announcement

This is a public service announcement.

I object to the sale of Wrigley's Extra® Professional in the 'blister packs' (ie. individually foil-sealed). There are very few non-medicinal items that are packaged in this way, and Wrigley's use of foil-seal for confectionery is irresponsible because it sends the wrong message to children about confectionery and medicine.
As disprin, antihistamine and countless other medicines are distributed in foil-seal, the wrapping of confectionery in foil-seal contradicts the special nature of foil-seal wrapped pills/pellets. It teaches children that foil-seal contains sweet things and makes it harder than ever to educate young children not to pop open foil-sealed pills and try them out of curiousity.

I ask all bloggers to consider this position, discuss and post about it, and to send a message to Wrigley's using the link below, outlining your opposition to the continued packaging of the gum pellets in this way, if you decide so. Feel free to copy and paste this text if you wish.

Wrigley's (web-based message generation)
Wrigley's Australia (for Oceania)

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I apologize for the lack of response on this, Greg. I just don't have anything to say about it. There are just too many issues and one can't do justice to them all.  

Posted by Dianne
2/10/2005 08:13:00 pm  



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