My complaint about Mr George W Bush

A fellow tblogger has disovered a website that generates long-winded, big-worded complaint letters that are very similar to the comments we are used to recieving from a certain other tblogger. I went to this site, typed in the name George W Bush just for fun and here's what it gave me:

Why does Mr. George W Bush cure the evil of discrimination with more discrimination? Anger? Fear? Stupidity? Some deep jackbooted urging of his soul? The answer cannot easily be found, but the downward spiral of society and the concomitant growing threat of factionalism are the natural results of his impetuous commentaries. To start, lackluster vermin suffer from a collective self-image that prefers victimization to success and imposes a suffocating group conformity that ostracizes nonconformists. Now that's a rather crude and simplistic statement, and, in many cases, it may not even be literally true. But there is a sense in which it is generally true, a sense in which it sincerely expresses how he should not destroy everything beautiful and good. Not now, not ever.

I challenge him to point out any text in this letter that proposes that the federal government should take more and more of our hard-earned money and more and more of our hard-won rights. It isn't there. There's neither a hint nor a suggestion of such a thing. George says he's not callow, but he's undoubtedly untoward, and that's essentially the same thing.

Just like dirty clothes on the floor and cluttered closets, his mess won't go away if we simply look the other way. Since I have promised to be candid, I will tell you candidly that he spouts a lot of numbers whenever he wants to make a point. He then subjectively interprets those numbers to support his magic-bullet explanations while ignoring the fact that he may give expression to that which is most destructive and most harmful to society right after he reads this letter. Let him. When you least expect it, I will punish those who lie or connive at half-truths. The bulk of flagitious segregationists are at least marginally tolerable, but not George. It really shouldn't be necessary to have to say such things, but narcissism is dangerous. His scurrilous version of it is doubly so. What is the milieu in which incorrigible personæ non gratæ deny us the opportunity to take a proactive, rather than a reactive, stance? It is the underworld of conspiracy theory, a subculture in which intellectually challenged pikers share fantasies of fighting heroically against a huge conspiracy that will pit the haves against the have-nots sooner than you think. And there you have it. Even Mr. George W Bush's horoscope says he's dirty.

Sound familiar lol???

To generate your own complaint go to this site:


LOL This is funny Angie but the joke is no doubt lost on those that don't know Mr. Kramer or what a tblogger is. ;) 

Posted by Dianne
2/20/2005 05:54:00 am  
"what a tblogger is ",

yeah, LOL. Funny how the 1000-odd ppl on tBlog are so engrossed in their lil world they haven't quite clicked there are over a million Bloggers on "Blogger" alone. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/20/2005 05:58:00 am  



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