Latin America Considers New US Intelligence Chief a Terrorist

Latin America is shocked with the appointment of John Dimitri Negroponte as director of intelligence, a man that helped write the worst pages of US imperial diplomacy with his support to governments charged with gross human right abuses.

Nicaragua"s El Nuevo Diario recalled this week that as Ambassador to Tegucigalpa (1981-1985) during the Reagan Administration he turned Honduras into one of the most important military bases and counterintelligence during the Cold War to topple Sandinism.

National Security Archives Analyst Peter Kornbluh said that declassified information on the Iran-Contras scandal indicate that Negroponte was involved in seeking more weaponry for the contras "the role that normally would be reserved for the (CIA) station chief."

The journal even quoted Commander Tomas Borge, a member of the former Nicaraguan Sandinista government, who called Negroponte "the most efficient and ideal representative for the Bush administration"s primitive international security policy."

Also well known is his involvement in the creation of the sinister death squads that swept through Central America, and particularly in El Salvador and Guatemala, to neutralize the left-wing movement. Those squads even killed US citizens.

And the New York Times recalls that a both him and the CIA were accused at a Congressional hearing of overlooking the gross human right abuses committed against the civilian population all through the region delayed his appointment as US ambassador to the UN.

The appointment by President Bush signals White House decision to seek control of what the US has long considered "its backyard". Even Mexican analysts fear Negorponte"s knowledge of the Mexican government"s disorders will encourage his meddling vocation.

But the story does not end here, since this man was the US top authority in Iraq one year after the March, 2003 invasion of the Middle East country began.

Coincidentally, he was the US ambassador in Saigon in the 60s.

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