Just the facts please?

I happened on a blogger earlier today writing about how the 'right' and the 'left' discern and use facts. He was making much of the 'left' not caring about the facts. It seems someone, a lefty I presume, decided this blogger's expertise about the military didn't give him a factual advantage.

As a 'lefty' I care very much about the facts. I also consider the source an important gauge of the possible accuracy of said facts. For example, throughout the occupation of Iraq I have paid close attention to Iraqi bloggers along with the media hounds. For me what Iraqis are experiencing 'on the ground' is more relevant than secondhand news from sources perhaps not as reliable.

Today I find that Riverbend has updated her blog and again I will post a few of her thoughts. I consider her words, experiences, thoughts to be more factual than any coalition feed. Why? Because she lives there. Because she has no reason to lie, at least none that we know of. Because her words are in agreement with those of other Iraqi bloggers.

Feb. 12th Riverbend wrote:

When the ‘elected’ government takes control, will they set a timetable for American withdrawal? That would be a shocker considering none of the current parties would be able to remain in power without being forcefully backed by America with tanks and troops. We hear American politicians repeatedly saying that America will not withdraw until Iraq can secure itself. When will that happen? Our current National Guard or “Haress il Watani” are fondly called “Haress il Wathani” or “Infidel Guard” by people in the streets. On top of it all, to be one of them is considered such a disgrace by the general population that they have to wear masks so that none of them can be identified by neighbors and friends.

The results won’t really matter when so many people boycotted the elections. No matter what the number say, the reality of the situation is that there are millions of Iraqis who will refuse to submit to an occupation government. After almost two years of occupation, and miserable living conditions, we want our country back.

Did she say "To be one of the Iraqi National Guard is a disgrace to the general population?"
Did she say "Millions of Iraqis will refuse to submit to an occupation government?"
Did she say "We want our country back?"

Should I consider her word factual? Or, should I believe Bush and the bevy of rightwing bloggers continuing to talk about all the freedom and democracy they have been generous enough to give to the Iraqis?

Riverbend posted this yesterday before the election results were in. We now know that Sistani has won. Those Iraqis that did participate in the election said no to the coalition poster boy. What does this portend? We will now see what we will see.


If the Republicans were able to tell the truth, Karl Rove would be living in a van down by the river.
2/13/2005 10:43:00 pm  
Hi Dianne
Wanted to thank your husband for the really nice comment on my blog.

One little misconception: I care about politics very much, always have and always will--grew up during Viet Nam it was hard not to.

But I never thought of American Republicans as bad people before, and I can still single a few out that I like....

However, they've crossed a line and when that line was crossed every Republican in a position of power became if not evil to me, then unable to discern reality, and sometimes evil, too

2/13/2005 10:59:00 pm  
“Wanted to thank your husband for the really nice comment on my blog”.

Hey Pia, thanks for the compliment, but, you know, I really meant what I said - I wasn't just "being nice". As you'll see here, we're all dedicated to expose the wrongs, wherever they come from, and I'm the first one to condemn France's own imperialist policies (mostly of the past thank goodness).

“I care about politics very much, always have and always will...”.

Glad to hear, Pia. I think politics affects us all. It's not just war in some far away place, it's our respective ways of lifes which are at stake. The only ppl who can afford not to care about politics are the fat cats who don't give a damn what happens to ppl who live in shoe boxes, even in our rich western democracies.

Hope you drop by often - plenty politics to get you going here, LOL :-)
2/13/2005 11:34:00 pm  
Hahaha Charone..Rove living in a van down by the river. I'm visualizing it now. He's got a pot belly and a can of beer in his hand. He's talking to his dog tellin him how there was a time when he use to run this show...

One can dream can't one? ;)
2/13/2005 11:47:00 pm  
Hi Pia! Your blog was a total lift. It was just so good to see an American had come away from Cao's blog without that 'gung ho we're Americans and let's get em' attitude. Gosh, it's really hard to understand where these people are coming from.
I also don't lump all Republicans with the neocons. I've even posted a couple of well written Conservative articles. This doesn't happen often but occasionally. ;)
Thanks for dropping by. I've bookmarked your blog and will be visiting you as well.
2/13/2005 11:58:00 pm  
“To be one of the Iraqi National Guard is a disgrace to the general population”.

The situation seems like a hopeless mess. If the Sunites hadn't so successfully boycotted the election, maybe the overal population would feel some reasonable unity and trust in a Shiite dominated gov (as long as it shows some good will towards them and the Kurds), but as Riverbend points out, it's not just a small minority but millions of ppl of one clan who said out loud they didn't want that election.

I really have no idea of what a workable solution might be. I wonder what Riverbend thinks.
2/14/2005 05:16:00 am  
I fear that the republican definition of "facts" in this case refers to political soundbites from Annie & Co on Fox, rather than the more conventional definition as "a piece of information that can be assumed to be true".

If that is the case, then I don't feel ashamed for not caring about republican "facts".
2/14/2005 07:42:00 am  
I happen to think that most Rebuplicans are very angry, hateful, intolerant and combatitive people.

I also believe that they are only Rebuplican because their families are, and that's the way they stay connected to them.

I could be wrong about the above, but they are just MY observations/opinions.
2/14/2005 01:38:00 pm  
Your post is right on. I've read many blogs that are quite hateful towards "liberals" and anyone opposed to President Bush. Their logic is quite skewed.
2/14/2005 03:35:00 pm  



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