Iraqi election results delayed

Iraqi officials said Wednesday that the announcement of final results from landmark national elections will be delayed because the election commission must recount votes from about 300 ballot boxes.

Final results from the Jan. 30 election were to be announced on Thursday. But spokesman Farid Ayar said the deadline would slip due to the need for a recount.

"We don't know when this will finish," he said. "This will lead to a little postponement in announcing the results."

Ayar would not say where the 300 ballot boxes had come from.

Partial results released Monday showed:

Ali al-Sistani leading with about half the votes
A coalition of Kurdish parties in second place
Ayad Allawi in third

With my disdain for anything the coalition touches in Iraq I cannot help but raise my eyes and wonder at this announcement.


Yeah, especially when a day or so ago the news reports were of a landslide victory for the Shiite Al-Sistani folks. Hell, they rig elections here, why not there? 

Posted by Sarah
2/09/2005 03:22:00 pm  
“Hell, they rig elections here...”.

Rig elections here, ring elections there, everywhere rig rig...

Much easier there too since there were no international observers.

Just give it a few more weeks (hey counting 300 ballots takes time, you know), and we might find Allawi won the election by the magic 51% number. There is no doubt 300 ballots out of a few millions is BOUND to make all the difference! 

Posted by WhyNot
2/09/2005 03:44:00 pm  
Excellent point Whynot, we don't wanna jump the gun here :) 

Posted by Sarah
2/09/2005 06:41:00 pm  
You sound so... John Kerryish. When they loose elections then they claim the elections were rigged. Why are you people so afraid of democracy? I know France has limited democracy - is that it? Are you people jealous or something?

Also, how is it your subtitle includes "respect for this planet & all its species", yet you are so disrespectful to people that want freedom? You are full of hate of the very concept of other obtaining freedom and anyone that would help otherwise oppressed people.  

Posted by Maddie Dog
2/09/2005 07:12:00 pm  
“I know France has limited democracy”.

Do you now? How interesting and exciting. Could you expand on this? I'm really curious. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/09/2005 07:26:00 pm  
PS: Mad Doggie, I forgot to mention that I spent more years of my life in Australia than I did in France, so this is why I'm so eager in you enlightening me about the shortcomings of French democracy versus the Australian one. No doubt you are an authority on the subject.

Thanks in advance for the factual info :-) 

Posted by WhyNot
2/09/2005 07:32:00 pm  
Maddie: *whine* *whine* *whine*
Is this all you people can ever do?
God I never heard so much self-pity and paranoia from conservatives in my life!  

Posted by Sarah
2/10/2005 03:20:00 am  
Mad Doggie real hate is:

Caring so little for your fellowman that you would take away his rights just because 'you' manage to have enough.


Taxpayer funded meals at schools should be terminated.
If the parents can't afford the time or money to make their children a basic meal to take with them to school then I'd have to ask why they even had children.

This is straight from the mad dog's mouth on his site.

I cannot wait to see the day when these people find themselves struck by life in such a way that they have nothing. They have some idea that life is fair and everyone get's the same chance.


Posted by Dianne
2/10/2005 05:36:00 am  



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