In Topeka, Hate Mongering Is a Family Affair

I really don't think I need to put my two cents in on this one:

Residents of Topeka, Kans., accustomed to seeing daily placards with such coarse slogans as GOD HATES FAGS and GOT AIDS YET?, have learned to put up with the family responsible for those signs in the same way some people endure living next to screeching railroad tracks. Now they're enduring the typically grating campaign of a young member of the clan who is trying to unseat the first openly gay member of the city council.
Thanks to the Phelps family, this small, gossipy city can perhaps lay claim to being the homophobia capital of the U.S. Since 1991, the Rev. Fred Phelps, 75, has led his family in campaigns against everyone from "sodomites" and "fag enablers" to victims of 9/11. More recently the Phelpses initiated a referendum on the March 1 ballot that would prohibit laws protecting gay rights. The family is also supporting one of Fred's 53 grandchildren, Jael Phelps, 20, a prim nursing student who once picketed Matthew Shepard's funeral, in her run against city councilwoman Tiffany Muller, 26, who co-sponsored a law late last year that shields gays from discrimination in city hiring. Since there are two other contenders in the race, Jael is given little chance of winning. But the referendum could succeed even though most Topekans, including those who signed the referendum petition, say they oppose the Phelpses' tactics. "A lot of people don't outwardly agree with what Phelps is doing, but behind the scenes they do," says Republican state representative Lana Gordon. --By Eric Roston


Geee... sounds like *THE * place to be, LOL. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/24/2005 07:03:00 am  
How are property values in Hate Central? 

Posted by surrogate
2/24/2005 02:45:00 pm  
Fag enablers? LMAO! New Age psych meets old school bigotry! God bless the fucktards!

All I can say is "Lets keep the hate alive!"

We can't have folks working for the good city of topeka when we don't know who wants what where. Cause thats RELEVANT to the job of say refuse collection or councillman (really its the same job only one gets an expense account).

I know I'd feel safer knowing that Harry "The Grizzly" doesn't pick up my good born again trash then go home to speak into the microphone! Phew!

Same goes for mayor "Effeminate George" and alderman "Harley bitch" Lucy.  

Posted by deviant1
2/24/2005 03:43:00 pm  
"How are property values in Hate Central? ",

LOL, LynnKramer's buying a mansion there. She's running for mayor. Or sheriff. Or Archbishop.  

Posted by WhyNot
2/24/2005 07:57:00 pm  



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