How to reduce unemployment, New Zealand style

New Zealand now has 3.6% unemployment, the lowest in the OECD.
Within the December quarter last year 33,000 more jobs were created.
A pro-active government. One that invests money and effort into getting people of the unemployment benefit, not by throwing them off into the streets.
The government has created training programmes. The aim is to match people with skills for areas that need more workers. Thus there are IT courses, apprenticeship schemes are easier to access, amongst others.
The government has also created regional growth strategies. There is employment now in areas such as Gisborne, the West Coast. There has been investment in local industry, the government provides help for small businesses to grow and employ more people.

The neo-liberal idea that if you reduce benefit levels, or kick people off, does not work. It does not address the key problem of the lack of suitable jobs. The current Labour-lead government in New Zealand deals with these issues. This is how it is done.


I am liking New Zealand more and more after each of your posts. You do a great job promoting your country. 

Posted by Dr. Marco
2/11/2005 02:28:00 am  

Do you guys have courses for foreign governments to learn how to govern? I think we need to send Raffarin and his clique for a long stay in NZ. Seriously.
2/11/2005 04:17:00 am  
Well this is the first government that is putting through any left wing reforms since 1975 (the neo-liberal 'revolution' was 1984 to 1994).
But this government has changed a lot, and is going to change more as long as we are able to win the next election (which we should do with a 10% lead over the closest party)
2/11/2005 04:18:00 am  
France has huge problems in this area that some are beginning to see. It will take years to enact change here, I think, but it will come. It will have to.

NZ is looking better and better, Greg. You have a spare room? ;)
2/11/2005 05:49:00 am  
hell i'd become a whore but then bushboy would get half my earnings so whats the point? either way i'd be screwed..
2/11/2005 07:57:00 pm  
of course we have room for you.
Indeed, like Canada, our immigration service is currently getting an 'unprecedented' amount of interest from the US, the spike just happening to occur after a certain election.
2/11/2005 09:50:00 pm  
“Indeed, like Canada, our immigration service ...”.

I alreadly looked into Canada, but they are only interested in 20-25 years olds. What's it like with NZ?
2/11/2005 10:34:00 pm  
NZ works on a point system. You get points for qualifications, money, age, ability to speak English, where you want to live (do not saying Auckland, it is crowded so it is lower down), work experience, whether you've pre-arranged a job etc. If you have enough points you come in, if you don't then you go on to a waiting list.
NZ Immigration service
2/11/2005 10:52:00 pm  
Add to that, you can help me and Greg form a union and we'll sponsor your entry, confirming your full-time employment. 

Posted by Mellie
3/22/2005 11:36:00 am  



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