Does Syria control Lebanon and why?

Daniel Engber at Slate shares his views.

The Lebanese president invited them. In 1976, a little more than a year after the start of Lebanon's bloody civil war, the Maronite Christian president, Suleiman Franjieh, requested military aid from Syria. The war was a struggle among religious and ethnic groups in Lebanon—the ruling Christians wanted to maintain power over the Sunnis, Shiites, and Druzes, and to evict the large population of Palestinians that had just been expelled from Jordan. Syrian troops entered the country on June 1, 1976, and beat back both Palestinian forces and Soviet-backed Muslim militias. A few months later, the Arab League attempted to enforce a cease-fire by creating the Arab Deterrent Force, a Syrian-dominated military presence in Lebanon. Read More

David Peterson at ZNet Blogs with another viewpoint.
UN Security Council Res. 1559 is an artifact of America’s dominance in the world. Nothing more. Passed by the narrowest of margins possible last September 2, resolutions like 1559 are crafted with the intent of letting them sit on the shelf and gather dust indefinitely---or at least until an event such as the Hariri assassination occurs. Then, the Americans snatch them back down again, maneuvering from behind the curtain of the Security Council and its lawmaking powers on questions of war and peace and international security to make imperious demands upon targets of opportunity. Namely: Beirut, Damascus---and any other state or non-state agent they can get their filthy hands on.

“Israel cannot be forgiven for the blood of Hariri,” the Damascus-based newspaper Tishrin editorialzed this morning, “nor for the blood of the Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian people, because [the country that] commits murder in the streets of Damascus, Beirut, Tunis, Paris and Rome is fully capable, with the technological means it possesses, to commit the attack.”

“Who profits?” AFP reports that the Tishrin editorial asked. According to the state-media nexus that backs the regime in Washington, it is the regime in Damascus that benefits. But according to Tishrin, “The losers are Lebanon, Syria and the Arab nation, while the big winner is Israel.” ("Syria under glare of suspicion as US takes action over Hariri killing,” Agence France Presse, Feb. 16.) Read More

Amy Goodman at Democracy Now interviews Robert Fisk.

AMY GOODMAN: Robert Fisk, what about President Bush recalling the U.S. ambassador in Syria following the killing of the former Lebanese prime minister, and condemning the foreign occupation of Lebanon?

ROBERT FISK: Well, Bush is lining up Syria in his sites. You know, at this moment of all moments, America probably -- the United States probably needs an ambassador in Syria.

....I'm not saying that the Syrians were not involved. The Syrians know everything that goes on in Lebanon. Therefore, did they not know that this huge bombing was going to take place? Important question.
....I think Hariri had a lot of enemies, as well as a lot of friends. Enemies in the business world. Quite a few businessmen were bitterly, bitterly hostile towards him, because they believed that their own property and wealth had been diminished to the point of zero by the extraordinary tornado of Hariri's business acumen. Now, these are Lebanese, not Syrian.
....add to that a political dislike within Lebanon, or add to that factions in a foreign country, let's say Syria, and you can see that you reach a point where the oven gets white hot, at which point there's a detonation. Now maybe that’s what happened yesterday. Read More


Interesting, Dianne.

I mean: it's interesting to note the whiners who fall over everytime some scandal concerning the US is raised, then tell you to go clean your own house.... you bring up something ELSE, and they clearly couldn't give a fuck.

Oh well, back to kicking Bush's ass I guess, since it's the only thing that interests the American population. 

Posted by WhyNot
2/18/2005 01:25:00 am  
It's called isolationism and it's become part of the culture.


Posted by Dianne
2/18/2005 09:41:00 am  



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