Dealing for peace and justice

Indonesian students carry Palestinian flags and shout slogans calling for a free Palestine, Friday, Dec. 10, 2004, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The protestors were part of a group of demonstrators participating in a march to commemorate United Nations Human Rights Day.

I haven't posted on this issue in awhile. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because of hopelessness. I hate that word because there is always hope. But, even in light of Palestinian elections and Abu Mazen's attempts to woo both sides you know it won't work. House built on broken foundation will soon collapse.

Abu Mazen cannot make deals with Sharon that continue to leave the Palestinian people under occupation and essentially no better off than before. I don't fault Mazen for doing whatever he can. One has to try. But, there can be no peace without justice, ever. For the sake of peace people will live under subjugation for a time. A few released prisoners will quiet them down temporarily. An extra bowl of rice will calm the hungry belly until it begins to growl again. Until the Israeli people realize the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people are in essence no different from those committed against them by the Germans there will be no hope, no change and no peace. Thankfully, some do and are working to change things but I'm afraid they are too few.

Two Palestinians were shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers manning the border between the southern Gaza Strip and Egypt on Sunday.

A 16-year-old was also shot in the back in Khan Yunis by troops protecting nearby Israeli settlements.

A 73-year-old Palestinian was wounded in the face when a group of Jewish settlers stoned the car he was driving in near the southern West Bank town of Bethlehem.

Ten Palestinians were wounded on Monday in clashes with Israel Defense Forces troops during a demonstration against the separation fence east of Modi'in.

Vandals deliberately contaminated the Palestinian village of Madama's water supply. It is the only source of water for the village's 1,700 residents.

The Palestine Chronicle


Nature dictates that the one who has the power usually uses it. The competitor is crushed, the weak is destroyed. This is why we should know our own nature when dealing with power/financial/physical strength unevenness. The reason for the existence of the law, the state, the taxes is essentially a fight against our own nature. If we deny our own nature we will never understand it, and if we do not understand it we will never win the fight. This is why we should support the United Nations, this is why we should support a better redistribution of wealth through taxation, this is why we should support a strong state which provides good quality education to everyone, the key to fight our selfish drives. If we do not support the respect for human rights, they will always be violated.  

Posted by Dr. Marco
2/22/2005 02:08:00 am  
Yes, Dr. Marco... but the United Nations is no longer the most powerful one. Were they ever? They couldn't keep the U.S, or rather they couldn't keep Bush out of Iraq.

They're given the authority to legislate, but not to enforce. And what good is a government when it can't act on the laws it created?

Then again, we can't give the UN this kind of authority at the moment - how are they to make sure no-one is underrepresented? and that the big bullies with the pig pockets don't continue to step outside the 'law'?

and so we're stuck it seems, supporting a fight with big odds against us.

robin hood had it easy... 

Posted by anna.
2/22/2005 06:13:00 am  
"This is why we should know our own nature  "

I agree Marco. It has taken years for me to realize my true nature is self-serving but that I am not bound by it. I have to fight selfishness everyday in my personal life and in the way I look at humanity. It's not always easy because it does mean I have to say many times that I am wrong.  

Posted by Dianne
2/23/2005 10:39:00 am  



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