Bush and Schroeder in agreement on Iran, Khatami says never

President Bush and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder insisted Wednesday that Iran must not have nuclear weapons, but remained divided on how to coax Tehran into giving up its suspected ambitions for such an arsenal.

"It's vital that the Iranians hear the world speak with one voice that they shouldn't have a nuclear weapon," Bush said at a news conference with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

"We absolutely agree that Iran must say no to any kind of nuclear weapon, full stop," Schroeder said through an interpreter during a joint news conference. "They must waive any right to the production of them."

Schroeder wants Bush to more actively engage with talks led by Germany, France and Britain that offer incentives to Tehran, such as membership in the World Trade Organization, in return for dropping its nuclear program.

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami reiterated today that giving up his country's nuclear program, which Iran maintains is entirely peaceful, was not an option.

"There are deep differences of opinion between Iran and the Europeans," Khatami said. "We have to give objective guarantees to the (European) gentlemen that we won't divert from the peaceful path. They must also ... give objective guarantees that our rights and security will be protected."

Iran has said it will decide by mid-March whether to continue its suspension, which is monitored by U.N. nuclear inspectors, depending on the progress of the talks for a final agreement.

Europe is trying to use the talks to persuade Iran to turn its temporary suspension of dual-use nuclear activities into a permanent one.

Khatami reiterated Wednesday that no Iranian government would give up nuclear technology.

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi said that Tehran was determined to press ahead with uranium enrichment, which can be a key step towards developing nuclear weapons.

"We are determined to continue enrichment and others cannot stop us," he told reporters on his return from a trip to India. "They cannot do anything with bullying, threats and pressure."

Kharrazi speaking about Lebanon said Washington was trying to protect its chief ally in the region, Israel.

"The Lebanese must beware of falling into the trap of foreigners who, using beautiful words, pursue their own political objectives," he said.

"To secure the interests of Israel in the region, the Americans are putting pressure on Syria to withdraw its forces," Kharrazi told the official IRNA news agency in Tehran on Wednesday.

Thousands of Lebanese have protested in the streets of Beirut after last week's assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri, calling for the withdrawal of Syrian troops.

But Kharrazi said: "It is the Lebanese officials who have to decide about the withdrawal of Syrian forces and America's insistence and that of some European states is interference in Lebanon's internal affairs."

And there you have it...a bloody fucking mess!


"It's vital that the Iranians hear the world speak with one voice that they shouldn't have a nuclear weapon" 

Translation: It's vital that the Iranians hear the world speak with one voice that they shouldn't have a nuclear weapon. That voice is my voice, and when I have enough military resources, I will claim that diplomacy has been exhausted, and I will prepare for an invasion. So Iran, if you don't give up your nuclear program (civilian or otherwise) by the time my military is ready to invade, beaware!  

Posted by Jim
2/23/2005 06:40:00 pm  
"And there you have it...a bloody fucking mess! ",

You got it right, baby.

As far as I'm concerned, I wish Shroeder and the rest of us EU ppl told Bush to go fuck himself.

If Iran wants its own nukes, who are we to tell them not to? They sure need them right now with Bush throwing his weight around yet again. Nukes are obviously the only argument the cunt understands.

Sad but true.

I used to pray for ex-USSR, Europe and the US to really mean what they talked about when pussy-footing around telling each other who should disarm, and by how much, and when.

Well I don't anymore. I guess I'm getting blasé. Or maybe just realistic. I sure hope we keep up our production of nukes here in Western Europe, and I wish all the countries in the world America is fucking in the ass to acquire them as well.

Next comment, I might tell you how I *really * feel... :-) 

Posted by WhyNot
2/23/2005 06:59:00 pm  
What they should be discussing is the eradication of all nuclear weapons. Why is anyone surprised that other countries feel they must protect themselves? It's this 'axis of evil' ideal that Bush started. True there needs to be big changes in the Iranian government but this is to be done by the Iranian people not the US government or any other outside government.
I have been confronted by people within the states in the past months that I consider as evil as any I have met in my life. They are as dictatorial as one can be and would gladly imprison me and others for treason if they could.
Bush has decided a chosen few 'good' countries have the right to nuclear weapons. But, what if you suddenly are viewed as no longer good?
What the hell has happened to everyone's commonsense?  

Posted by Dianne
2/23/2005 07:13:00 pm  



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