The White Power Movement Part I, Nazi.org

I've recently been reading a lot of KKK and Neo Nazi websites. Although I find their ideals and platforms really disgusting, I also find reading their websites somewhat addicting. It's not because I agree with what they're saying but perhaps because I like being shocked or gasping in awe. I plan to outline various sites and organizations over the next few days, starting with Nazi.org as it is the premiere site for the White Power Movement.

Nazi.org and Environment
My "favorite" site has been Nazi.org which is the forerunner of the American Nazi movement. Interestingly, they claim origins from libertarian ("[W]e favor a world where the individual would have relatively few experiences of authority, unless it was doing something truly out of line"), National Socialist, and Green environmental ideals. The problem with the Nazi movement today is that it is so race oriented. They've taken Green policy and warped it, pitting various "races" against each other. "'Blood and Soil' is our doctrine of homeland, or origin to each person, and thus which ground is sacred to them and they upkeep for generations. Each ethnic group should have a homeland, because in a consensus group one can declare poisoning the earth to be a great offense." Their tax system to improve the environment

The Nazi platform is simple, but weak. They say about crime, "We will concentrate city areas and make land use more efficient, and deploy more street cops to patrol. No record database or DNA database will be kept. Those who commit repeated crimes will be exiled." Although I am strongly opposed to the death penalty (because I believe human redemption in the prison system is the best solution to crime) I don't really agree with exile either.

Although the Nazi movement is rather racist--that is, they feel that whites are supreme to other races, and that racial factions exist--it seems to claim to be libertarian in nature. I'm afraid I don't understand how racism and libertarianism can be combined. They really cannot. How does a libertarian government justify shipping Asians back to Asia by force? It can't.

I urge you to read this website... it's very distasteful but is interesting and shockingly entertaining. They claim the Republicans and Democrats are thuggish parties (which for the most part is true) but fail to realize that their own ideals are any less thuggish. Of course, one must be moderately thuggish, to the point of standing up for yourself and ideals, but these Nazis take it too far and are blinded by their own books and history.


"Weak" is the operative word. I wonder how they plan on exiling "repeat" criminals if they never keep a database? Just FYI, here is a link to The Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism:


Posted by Sarah
1/23/2005 11:28:00 pm  
Ooh, do you get Free Inquiry magazine too? I love it... actually had an extensive interview with one of their writers (I was applying to Oxford University at the time and he was my interviewer... sooo cool).

Yes, it's absurd to take libertarianism so far as to not keep a record of crimes. I agree that people should have privacy rights but for the sake of the rest of society, their crimes should at least be noted. It doesn't seem like the Nazi movement supports a prison system, which is necessary to redeem criminals so they can rejoin society. The Nazis would probably call it a sort of brainwashing anyway. Not like they're known for that or anything... 

Posted by starchybean
1/24/2005 01:13:00 am  
The Nazi movement is more than 'rather' fascist.

I only visit sites such as this for information as when writing an article. They're not entertaining even for shock value to me. But, I have experienced racism firsthand in the form of being chased and followed home from work, one time with a shotgun pointed at me. These people are dangerous and most would have no problems killing you in the name of their god.  

Posted by Dianne
1/24/2005 01:58:00 pm  
Dianne, I am sorry to hear that happened to you. Where did that occur?
Starchybean, no I don't get Free Inquiry magazine...in fact I hadn't even noticed it! I am already so inundated with magazines - especially tech - that it's overwhelming. I will check into it though. 

Posted by Sarah
1/24/2005 03:32:00 pm  
Dianne, as you'll probably find, I'm rather fond of the modifier "rather". I think the SecularHumanism.org definition of fascism explains all but the corporate interest of fascist governments.

I too am sorry to hear you were chased home by people who are essentially terrorists. That's not something anybody should ever have to go through and although I cannot yet relate to you, you have my empathy.

Sarah, yes you should check the magazine out. It's my favorite philosophy magazine. It's really quite good and worth the money. You can usually find it at a Barnes, Nobles or Borders, or Tower Records if you don't want to subscribe. 

Posted by starchybean
1/24/2005 03:47:00 pm  
Dianne, I am sorry to hear that happened to you. Where did that occur?.

Thanks Sarah. It happened in Louisiana. Eventually I had to leave the city I was living in out of fear for my life. Picture me in my small mobile home with huge redneck cop telling me how I might have an accident. A much younger cop enters and says how wrong this is and he can't be a part of it. I'm sure the young cop paid for his crime. But, I was damn glad to see him.
This is just one of the more frightening highlights of my life.

Posted by Dianne
1/24/2005 05:30:00 pm  
Thanks SB. This is only one of the reasons I have no tolerance for racist of any kind. I hate it when I run across them but I take great pleasure when I do in pushing my own form of extremism.  

Posted by Dianne
1/24/2005 05:42:00 pm  
Dianne, I once visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana during my five-year stint living in Austin, Texas. Until that visit I had pretty much liked every US State I had been to (excepting a few particular redneck spots in Texas.) Not Louisiana. The place is swamp, and doesn't deserve you :) 

Posted by Sarah
1/24/2005 10:03:00 pm  
The place is swamp, and doesn't deserve you.

Thanks Sarah :) There are some bits about Louisiana worth a visit. New Orleans is only one. But, you're right..it's a swamp. Did you know the French sold Louisiana for only 4 cents an acre? Too bad they didn't keep it. Imagine what would be happening there today if La. was still a French colony?  

Posted by Dianne
1/25/2005 12:50:00 pm  
"Imagine what would be happening there today if La. was still a French colony?".

LOL, I guess New Orleans would have an American Quarter. 

Posted by WhyNot
1/25/2005 02:00:00 pm  
that is just ubber sick plain and simple.

what the heck is this little "bloggerhacks button under where you click to post your comment?? 

Posted by APRIL
1/25/2005 02:08:00 pm  
"what the heck is this little "bloggerhacks button under where you click to post your comment??".

It's the link to the site of the programmer who wrote this commenting system. 

Posted by WhyNot
1/25/2005 02:18:00 pm  



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