The UN is the better choice for nation building

The Right is pushing the UN Oil-For-Food scandal in order to discredit the UN and France.
Yes, one would think from reading their pages that French companies were the only ones making money off this program. But, we've come to expect this from the neocons. US coverups obviously get their approval.

"The complete contracts were only circulated to the U.S. and Britain, which had expressly asked to see them and would have been in the best position to have known if anything improper was going on. Though a number of contracts were put on hold by the American and British delegations on security-related grounds, no contract was ever held up because malfeasance, such as illegal kickbacks, had been detected.
France was never a major destination for Iraqi oil during the program. In 2001, 8% of Iraqi oil was imported by France, compared with 44.5% imported by the U.S., which was the No. 1 importer all along." Jean-David Levitte

Maybe the U.N. missed or turned a blind eye to those inflated contracts. But so did every Security Council member, including the U.S. And let's not forget what the U.N. did accomplish in Iraq. In the 15 districts of southern and central Iraq, the U.N. ensured that food was distributed efficiently and equitably to millions of people. U.N. monitors ensured that every canister of chlorine was used for water purification — and was not diverted to military use.

In fact, in northern Iraq, the U.N. functioned as the government. It gave employment to thousands, ran water projects, generated electricity and worked effectively with local leaders to build a civil society. Under U.N. governance, northern Iraq was stable, well run and far more prosperous than it had been before.

Though the U.N. is not yet involved in rebuilding Iraq, the U.S. is. But is its track record so much better? Have we forgotten that massive no-bid contracts were handed out to U.S. corporations such as Bechtel and Halliburton? Or that Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi Governing Council member leading the investigation into the oil-for-food charges, fled embezzlement charges in Jordan?

The U.N. is the better choice for nation-building with integrity and competence.

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it amazes me at the audacity of the right. but it's our own fault really for not yelling loud enough. they get away with murder, their candidate hid behind his fathers coat tails to avoid going to nam. our candidate went to nam, fought and served this country, yet he was still made out to be the bad guy. bush has done nothing but lie since he's been in office, now it comes out that they bribed a reporter/commentator to push his NCLB act, and the UN is the bad guy.....wtf?
1/12/2005 02:16:00 pm  
Rebuilding Iraq ahould be the work of the UN, as well as many other things. Having a strong and responsible UN is in the best interest of all of humanity. Human rights would have their deserved place and poorer nations would find it easier to emerge from poverty. Whenever there is an attempt to discredit the UN, you find the hidden agenda of those who want to rule the world in order to profit from it without caring for the least favoured.
1/12/2005 08:01:00 pm  
I am adding a link to your site in my own blog.
1/12/2005 08:03:00 pm  
I agree Dr. Marco. Those talking about doing away with the UN do not realize the vast amount of good it does around the world. I'm not sure what they hope to replace it with. I doubt they've even thought about it.
1/13/2005 12:23:00 am  
Yes Angie, Bush continues his underhanded policies and I imagine as long as he's allowed it will only get worse.
The government used a similar approach this year in promoting the new Medicare law and drew a rebuke from the investigative arm of Congress, which found the videos amounted to propaganda in violation of federal law.

For those not familiar with this story go to this link.

1/13/2005 12:28:00 am  
What's especially disturbing about this particular fiasco is that the US (and others) pushed to have the whole program's oversight provided by the Security Council which did not disclose the information to Secretary-General Kofi Annan's office as it became available. Of course now Sec-Gen Annan's office is taking most of the heat.
1/13/2005 06:54:00 am  



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