Iraqi Elections... fools gold

Okay, so tomorrow we'll get back to the interview.

Hope everyone out there is healthy and appreciating their good fortune to feel decent.

I'm glad to say that in one sense, I've used this illness to my advantage, and finally quit smoking. Luckily, I was feeling so lousy for so long that getting by the physical cravings was pretty much a no brainer. But, nevertheless, I'm thankful that I seemed to have put the awful habit in my past....again. I'd quit for a number of years, but I started up again a few years ago for some pretty dumb reasons.

The funny thing to me about vices is that when we're addicted, it seems like almost an imposibility to get rid of them. I've never been a drinker, but I do have a compulsive side to my personality, so I'd bet that if I did drink, or have a drug - or any other substanse abuse problem, it would be a doosey for me to deal with. Thanks God for not making me deal with any of those.

So, we're four days away from elections in Iraq. So far, everything I hear about these elections points to them being nothing more than a big chunk of feta cheese for the U.S. to point to and say "See? We did it! We said we were going to make sure elections took place in Janaury and, by God, we did it!"

It sure doesn't sound as though there will be anything democratic about what takes place since so few people will actually take part - and whoever doesn't take part will have an awfully legitamate claim that they were to scared to take part.

Having said that. I'd love to be wrong! I listened to Bush's press conference this morning and heard his bravado and what sounded like sincere hopefullness. I would love to say, golly I was wrong, this Bush guy really did know what he was doing. How I'd love that. Doubt it'll happen though - if for no other reason than, in life, it's real unusual for good things to happen regarding any situation has been started based on arrogance or false justifications. Combine those things with a prideful inability to admit one's errors, and it's almost always a recipie for disaster.

Usually, until people decide to be honest with themselves and look hard at situation's for which they are responsible - that they've unwittingly allowed to get out of hand, nothing good will come of it.

But, like I said. I might be wrong.

Be good to everyone.




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