EU's human rights protection criticised

Interesting but scary article from the EU-Observer. I sure hope the EU is not following the US's path.

Come on, EU citizens, I urge you to put the screws on your nations' governments and on your EU parliament members to keep our pledge for human rights. We DON'T need our own Guantanamo, thank you.

Here is the article:

The EU in some cases does not live up to its human rights ideals, according to the HRW (Photo: EU Commission)

14.01.2005 - 09:52 CET By Lucia Kubosova

The EU and its member states are scaling back human rights protection in both migration policy and anti-terrorism legislation, a leading human rights organisation has concluded.

European governments and institutions are not rising to the challenges brought to post-communist countries by enlargement, Human Rights Watch said in a report published on 13 January.

"The exclusive focus on combating illegal immigration in Europe reflects a disturbing and prevailing attitude that migrants have no rights. Consequently, regional and national policies and practices have focused on keeping migrants and asylum seekers out of Europe", says the report.

According to the US-based organization, European actors also "missed the opportunity to distinguish European practice from the abusive actions of other countries by employing counterterrorism strategies that also violate fundamental rights, including the prohibitions against torture and indefinite detention".

Anti-terrorism measures

The report criticizes the UK’s anti-terrorism act which provided for the indefinite detention of foreign terrorist suspects. In Spain, suspects are held in isolation, unable to communicate with anyone.

"European governments also contributed to the erosion of the ban on torture by relying on so-called "diplomatic assurances" to return terrorist suspects and foreigners labelled national security threats to countries where they were at risk of torture or ill-treatment", HRW suggested - mainly pointing to cases in Sweden, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and others.

Immigration and refugees

While the EU’s recent refugee-related legislation receives praise, the current trends in immigration and asylum policies face strong criticism by the organisation.
Its report noted with dissatisfaction that the idea of "off-shore processing asylum seekers" is still not dead – despite international protests.

"It became apparent in 2004 that in the face of opposition to the earlier UK proposals, the EU had decided to take a more gradual approach aimed at the development of off-shore centers".

The HRW also pointed to Italy’s case of expelling several hundred persons to Libya without properly assessing their asylum claims, and to extreme restrictions in the asylum procedures in the Netherlands.

The new EU member states, who joined in May 2004, are reported to have "woefully under-developed and under-resourced asylum systems and immigration procedures".


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I thought we had the corner on this sort of thing. Glad to know it's indicative of governments around the world and not just on our side of the Atlantic.
1/15/2005 04:09:00 pm  
Director of Amnesty International's EU Office, Dick Oosting said.

"The EU stands to gain in authority, both at home and in the wider world, if it can show more consistently that human rights are not dispensable and not negotiable. But there needs to be a critical review within all EU institutions of the actual resources allocated to securing human rights.

If even a fraction of the resources used to counter terrorism or to fight ‘illegal immigration’ was allocated to looking into the human rights implications of these policies, that would be a start."
1/16/2005 11:30:00 am  
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"For a taste of what your in for..go to www.caosblog.com"

LOL, I've experience MadCao first hand, Rhonda.

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Here is the URL in question: http://caosblog.com/archives/2005/01/03/moonbat-alert/#comments

You might find it interesting. It's certainly got some entertaining value :-)
1/17/2005 03:12:00 am  
Egads, what an awful blog (Cao's blog, not Pourquoi Pas, of course). It takes so long to load and has so much clutter; the damn thing's like Fox News--dazzle everyone with pretty graphics and they won't listen to what you're saying.
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