Conservatives, Homosexuals, and Harry Potter

You might being saying to yourself, "Self, what do these things have to do with each other?" I shall explain.

I'm sure many of you have heard about the new book that questions Abraham Lincoln's sexuality. It is indeed ironic that the party against homosexuality was founded by someone who may have been one. Arguably the greatest president in our nation's history, it does in fact appear the he was a fag. In fact, up until the last 100 years or so, homosexuality was quite common among men. Some of the greatest artists, authors, and leaders in the history of the world were homosexual or practiced homosexuality. Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Leonardo DaVinci, it is speculated that Walt Whitman was gay, Tinkie Winkie, and now Spongebob Squarepants.

I read an article this morning ([link]) about a video that is going to be distributed to school children staring the gay sea sponge (and we all know that NO gay man would wear white knee-high socks with black patent leather shoes and brown shorts. so clearly he is straight), barney and other famous cartoon characters. The video is supposed to teach acceptance and tolerance for those who are different than you. However, some conservitave christian (i like how they refer to themselves as christian when their message is one of hate. wwjd?) groups are saying that we should not show this video to our children because ut teaches tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality. "Their inclusion of the reference to 'sexual identity" within their 'tolerance pledge' is not only unnecessary but it crosses a moral line," said Dr James Dobson.

And of course the LAST thing we want to do is teach our children to accept others who are different from them, This might lead to one big gay love fest. It might lead to black's and white's hanging out with each other even more. Or worse yet (gasp) more interracial mariages. It might even lead to the world being a more peaceful place and we can't have that.

Now, what does all this have to do with Harry Potter you might be asking yourself. Well, since we are on the verge of a new year at Hogwarts, it doesn't hurt to bring up that these are the same people who try to stop their children from reading books. Because Harry Potter is, as we are all aware, the devil. They fail to see the symbolism of Harry defeating the serpant (a traditional symbol of the devil) with the help of a pheonix (a traditional symbol of Jesus) because Ms, Rowling does it with the use of, oh no, sorcery!!! Lets just forget about the fact that it's hard enough to get children to expand their minds with books to begin with. What with 300 channels to chose from on tv and 3 different kinds of video games for each child. These books are 1,000 PAGES AND KIDS ARE STANDING IN 2 HOUR LONG LINES TO GET THEM. So, lets try o discourage them from reading books that have sorcery in them, rather, lets just give them video games that let them shoot people, have sex with hooker, and have them parked in front of the tv for 8 hours at a time so they become as fat as us.


Angie, when I was raising my children who watched Sesame Street everyday the church was creating the same hysteria. I was also a fundamentalist back then. Anyway, at some point they decided a couple of the Sesame Street characters were gay. The same fight ensued. Needless to say I hope, being the rational person I am I ignored the screaming from the pulpit and my children continued to grow up with Sesame Street. None of them are gay. Amazing! 

Posted by Dianne
1/22/2005 09:25:00 am  
Hmmmm.... all this stuff about queer ppl being discovered everywhere. Weird. Sometimes I get the impression that the fact ppl are queer or not is more important than what they actually do.

To be quite honest, I'm kind of bored with the Grand Queer quest nowadays. Just like religions, I think there are much more pressing issues in the world.

I mean, take for instance the socialist mayor of Paris. He's been mayor for yonks. Everybody likes him, even ppl from the right. He's kind of like the ex-mayor of New York who was so popular there. Why? Because he obviously cares about Paris, about its inhabitants, and works relentlessly to make it a better place. Guess what? He's queer. Now, do I ever hear him carry on & on about it? No, never. He goes about his business doing what's useful for humanity.

Just thought of something: I wonder when they will spoil my memory of my favorite book ever, Bambi The Deer, and demonstrate that the plot of Bambi and his peers fighting for their lives against the brutality of humankind is in fact not at all the message meant, but that Bambi is a poofter and his sister Faline a lesbian, and that really, the whole book is about queer deers fighting for their homosexual recognition and rights. LOL 

Posted by whynot
1/22/2005 10:33:00 am  
I know what you mean. I'm no homophobe but it gets really tiring. Probably if I were lesbian I wouldn't feel that way. My problem stems from my thinking homosexuality is a sexual preference or a gene disorder. I can't believe it's normal and so I leave the issue alone except to stand up for their rights to the same liberties we all have. If they want to get married let them get married for goodness sakes. Why is this an issue?
The government should leave our sexual preferences alone and leave the constitution alone as well.

Like you I have more important issues on my brain and I actually hope no one responds to this. LOL 

Posted by Dianne
1/22/2005 12:39:00 pm  
you both make good point, but it seems to me that europeans are just much more open and accepting of sexuality. people here that are open in discussing those kids of things are views as sluts and whores. infact a good tblog friend of mine has refered to "sex and the city" and "friends" as slut shows. i don't know if you know about governor mcgreevy. well, ex-governor i should say. he came out of the closet about a year ago (i should also say he was a democrat-NJ as i sure that had something to with it) he had given this guy he had an affair with a promotion or something. and then he resigned. now, i know there are plenty of people in washington who aren't gay democrats who have done the same thing, but they still have jobs..... 

Posted by angiekruger
1/22/2005 02:34:00 pm  
Hmm Maybe that's it exactly Angie. I hadn't thought about it that way. It just seems like so much going on about nothing. I don't know about Mr. McGreevy. That sucks and just shows how stupid and bigoted people can be.  

Posted by Dianne
1/22/2005 02:54:00 pm  
Sounds to me like you're gay. It's hard to get kids to read, so why not cop out and let them read offensive books? That's weak. Proper parenting, including the differences between right and dirty, love and lust (ie.it's natural and normal to love my brother/father/best buddy, but I become gay when I want to insert my tongue in his anus...because we all know that's what being gay is all about..not love but lust, so stop preaching) would go a long way. 

Posted by Don K. Pekker
1/23/2005 03:02:00 am  
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1/23/2005 06:44:00 am  
"Sounds to me like you're gay".

Well, I know Angie quite well, and I can assure you she's not a lesbian. I've never inserted my tongue in her anus, but she does have the cutest of asses. Maybe if you ask her nicely, she might even email you a piccie. 

Posted by whynot
1/23/2005 07:02:00 am  
Proper parenting, including the differences between right and dirty, love and lust (ie.it's natural and normal to love my brother/father/best buddy, but I become gay when I want to insert my tongue in his anus...because we all know that's what being gay is all about..not love but lust,.

I'm not sure what you're point is here. You begin with "proper parenting" but, don't finish the thought.

I'm not gay but I do differ with your thought here about "gay is all about lust." Can't love and lust exist together?  

Posted by Dianne
1/23/2005 07:57:00 am  
keep reading and you'll find out that proper parenting includes instructing on the differences between right and dirty, love and lust etc. Therefore thought is complete. Lust DOES exist with love. Unfortunately in such instances, love is made cheap, degraded, made something else besides love. Lust, like any other base animalistic feeling, must be mastered. Being ruled by lust, what a novel way through go through life...being weak and a slave to your hedonistic urges. Next, cities will hold celebrations in their streets, proclaiming it's not only okay to have nasty dirty sex for the sake of pleasure, but they'll sanction parades showing off this sort of morally corrupt behavior and parents will be pressured into telling their kids that it's WRONG to dislike it. For shame! Being tolerant for tolerance's sake is not only weak, but stupid. Why not tell kids its okay to be ruled by jealousy and anger on top of the lust? We're humans with a soul, not a society of rutting mongrel dogs. 

Posted by don k. pekker
1/23/2005 08:56:00 pm  
Lust DOES exist with love. Unfortunately in such instances, love is made cheap, degraded, made something else besides love. Lust, like any other base animalistic feeling, must be mastered..

Do you have a wife? If so, are you telling me you don't have nasty, dirty sex with her because you lust after her? Does your wife know you don't have a strong sexual desire for her? Do you close your eyes when you *do it*?

It sounds like you think sex of any kind is something evil and nasty. Regardless of your soul you live in a body that has needs. It's normal just like eating.


Posted by Dianne
1/23/2005 11:05:00 pm  
"Unfortunately in such instances, love is made cheap, degraded, made something else besides love. Lust, like any other base animalistic feeling, must be mastered.".

Goodness. You must be great fun in bed. 

Posted by WhyNot
1/23/2005 11:06:00 pm  
Again, please read carefully. I don't lust after anyone. I choose to love them and express those feelings with the touch of an artistic master. Your body has needs such eating you state...does that mean you give into every impulse your body drives you towards? Do you eat twinkies and crisps and chocolate day and night or do you control your urges and eat what is good for you? Using the excuse of 'bodily needs' is a sign of weakness. Lust is destructive. I hope none of you will find it out the hard way. 

Posted by don k. pekker
1/23/2005 11:27:00 pm  
"I choose to love them and express those feelings with the touch of an artistic master".

I know I'm a bit thick in the head, but I don't quite get what you mean by "expressing your love with the touch of an artistic master". I mean, with you also saying you don't lust and stuff. See it's kinda confusing for me cuz I lust all the time but I thought it was cuz I loved my wife. She just gimme the horn, you see. Do you think I got it all wrong?

Now, this touch of artistic master thingie that don't lust... do you ...er ... manage to screw your wife without getting a big dicky wicky? I'm trying real hard to vision in my head, see, seeing I'm just a heathen, and also I get the horn quite often, so I ain't quite sure if me horn is lusting or loving artistically and stuff.

Is it bad when I git the horn? I mean is it bad lusty fornication stuff and shit? What should I do when I wanna fuck my wife cuz she gimme the horn, Don? Should I smack me lil pecker till it git all limp and proper? But then, how do I get to fuck her? I mean, how do I push it in if it's all soft and shrivelled up?

I don't understand too good here. I'm lost. I need help. And me poor pecker, he need help even more. 

Posted by WhyNot
1/24/2005 01:54:00 am  
whynot? because you sound like a drunk rambler, making no sense at all. On to other blogs I go, searching once again for logical, rational conversationalists. As for help with your marital problems, including the shrivelling, go see a therapist. Good luck. P.s. yes, you have it all wrong. sigh. 

Posted by don k. pekker
1/24/2005 04:36:00 am  
Don't forget to check this out! 

Posted by don k. pekker
1/24/2005 05:47:00 am  
Hey donpecker wrecker.. i bet you are jbrookins.. hahahahhahahahahaa 

Posted by APRIL
1/24/2005 03:11:00 pm  
lol i bet this don k. pekker is one of those "christians"
don, i'm sure Jesus would not be happy about you preaching hate and intolerance in his name. (interesting last name btw, considering his arguments hahah) 

Posted by angiekruger
1/24/2005 03:18:00 pm  
whynot? because you sound like a drunk rambler, making no sense at all.Actually Mr. Pekker, WhyNot is the one truly making sense. Thanks for the therapist suggestion but I took care of the heathenous problem.  

Posted by Dianne
1/24/2005 04:33:00 pm  
(interesting last name btw, considering his arguments hahah).

Donkey Pekker

Posted by Dianne
1/24/2005 04:36:00 pm  
what's my name have to do with anything? or are you all against French surnames (and I'm the hateful one!)? Would Jesus be tolerant of immoral behaviour? nah, God destroyed ye olde towne of Soddom for the very things you are all saying we should be embracing with open arms. Post modern humanists will destroy humanity....don't you get that?? What hate am I preaching?? You people slay me! 

Posted by don k. pekker
1/25/2005 02:44:00 am  
"what's my name have to do with anything? or are you all against French surnames (and I'm the hateful one!)? ".

Ah hem.... ok, Don, it was a silly joke. I apologize for myself, and I daresay on behalf of the others. To our defense is this: your views about sex and how abominable it is, is so contrary to ours that we found it mostly ridiculous. And because your name, "Pekker", well, surely I don't need to make a drawing to explain... geee.. you know, pecker, dick, cock, whatever you fancy.

Ooops, sorry, I didn't mean you fancied a cock, but you know what I mean. Oh shit, I'm getting bogged down worse by the second.

Anyway, bad taste joke I agree. And speaking of jokes, my "drunken rave" was actually also a joke, even if you missed it. More exactly it was a parody, a satire. Why did I make fun of your statements? For the same reason as myself and others zoomed in on the incongruity of your paranoia about sex and your unusually ...err.. surprising surname. Again, cheap fun and not very nice at all, I agree, and again, I apologize.

But if you think about it, it comes down to this: you have a view that love is grand and noble, and has nothing to do with lust. Those of us who pulled your leg think it is so absurd that we didn't even feel it was worth arguing with you, considering your obviously unshakable view about it (which you demonstrated after Dianne's serious reply to yours), and so we took the path of laughing about it.

So yes, I think your view is off the planet. Seems like a couple others do too. I don't intend to even begin to attempt to convince you otherwise - it would clearly be a waste of time. But since you stated your view in a calm manner, here is mine in a similar calm and this time non-sarcastic manner:

I agree that love and lust are not the same. I love my mom, I love my sister, but I don't lust after them. However where we greatly differ is when it comes to loving a sexual partner. I love my wife AND lust for her. My wife is not my mother nor my sister. I didn't marry her to have a surrogate mother. I married her because I felt a strong sexual and emotional bind with her, and my relationship with her as my wife involves both love and lust.

I love to share time with her talking, going for rides, watching animal documentaries or comedies, just like I would with my sister. But I also love to touch her carress her and screw her. And that is pure lust. The magic thing in a relationship is when you both love and lust. If lust is gone, than it's still a worthwhile relationship but it's not a lover's relationship - you might as well live with your mother or father.

As to your pathetically simplified explanation that lust definition is inserting one's tongue into someone else's anus, I find it so droll that I still honestly truly wonder what the hell you do in bed with your wife. Ok, I get the feeling you don't lick her asshole, that's prolly more or less settled, but do you stick your cock in her vagina? In the (god forbid) unlikely event you'd do such a thing, is it your "touch of an artistic master" that gives you the woody, or is it not just simply plain boring down to earth lust

Posted by WhyNot
1/25/2005 05:36:00 am  
I add my apology Mr. Pekker. You did say you weren't coming back so I didn't expect you to see the little joke we were having with your name.  

Posted by Dianne
1/25/2005 11:21:00 am  



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