Bush's tangled web of deceit

The U.S. force that scoured Iraq for weapons of mass destruction -- cited by President Bush as justification for war -- has abandoned its long and fruitless hunt, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

"I felt like we would find weapons of mass destruction ... like many -- many here in the United States, many around the world," Bush told ABC's Barbara Walters, according to excerpts from an interview airing on Friday.

Bush said "we need to find out what went wrong in the intelligence gathering," and that the invasion was "absolutely" worth it even if there were no weapons of mass destruction.

"Citing the continuing search by the Iraq Survey Group, President Bush has refused to concede what has been obvious for months: the primary justification for the invasion of Iraq was not supported by fact. Now that the search is finished, President Bush needs to explain to the American people why he was so wrong, for so long, about the reasons for war." Nancy Pelosi Reuters

So, at last the hunt for weapons of mass destruction is over. There are none. How does anyone consciously continue to support Mr. Bush? His 'feeling' WMD would be found is not good enough after telling us all without a doubt they would be found, they were there. His attempt to blame the lack of them on faulty intelligence is not good enough. Evidence was created to convince us of the need to go to war. We bombed a country unmercifully, murdering, maiming and destroying. And yet, most of the good Christian right continues trying to convince us that God is behind the lies and deceit. He's not. They want to believe that God has a plan and in order to bring it about he must use deception. Whatever God's plan is he no doubt will not change his character in order to fullfill it.

Deception is still wrong no matter how you dress it up to make it look and smell good. Coming from a President it's a crime.


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