Bushes Bible Thumpers no great supporter of Isreal

I hear a lot of comments about how the American Christian Fundementalist Movement is so pro Isreal. Big Supporters.

Trust me, you don't want support like that for your own endeavors. Be sort of like a dear hunter getting real friendly with a dear over a long period of time just so when it was time to do in poor Bambi, there were no irritating darts into the woods.

Their love of Isreal goes about as deep as allowed by the company policy interpretation of Revelations, which is to say.... be there....wait....wait....wait. and DIE, oh, and thanks


If Bush is a true fundamental dispensationalist he will stick with Israel to the end crushing the Palestinians. But, I don't think Bush is one of these. He is as someone said, a crony capitalist, religious when it serves his purpose. The most important thing on Bush's agenda is himself. If he can find a way to settle the problems between Israel and Palestine he will do it regardless of who it irritates even Sharon. He will do this not because he cares but because it will make him look good. Seem petty? He's a petty man and not hard to understand at all.
1/18/2005 03:42:00 pm  



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