"Bush is NOT being fiscally irresponsible!!!!!"

The White House estimated on January 25, 2005 that the U.S. budget deficit for 2005, including an extra $80 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan operations, will total $427 billion.  (Reuters Graphic)

Now, in his defense, he probably doesn't understand these complicated graphs, but basically here's what it says:

From 1992-2000 (every year Clinton was in office) the defict shrunk by billions and billions of dollars until the last 3 years President Clinton was in office when we had a *big gasp everyone* 236 BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS!

Enter Bush. The surplus shrink drastically (and if one more person blames it on 9/11 I swear....) and continues to go down every year the Bush is in office. Now look what we're stuck with. My bet is next year will be even worse.


i see a grassy knoll 

Posted by april
1/26/2005 09:07:00 pm  
The most amazing thing is that it is extremely rare for a western nation to be in a surplus situation. For some reason that escapes me, we the rich western countries are always in deficit.

Clearly either Clinton was a very bright economist or he knew how to surround himself with such ppl.

As to Bush... the pic speaks for itself. 

Posted by WhyNot
1/26/2005 09:52:00 pm  



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