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Bush was just asked by a reporter to condem the act of the Jordanian something or other who penalized a citizen for speaking out against the government. Guess what he said? "I'm not aware of this case and therefore cannot comment. Not every democracy has the same views as the United States" But wait, isn't that why we went in and bombed the shit out of Iraq? Because they don't have the view on democracy as us? And couldn't he have just said "If that is true, then yes i condemn it" ?


Except that you are forgetting is that since 1989 Jordan has been a deocracy although a slowly learning one. Iraq on the other hand was a vile cess pool of human indignity, still is. What Bush said is that not every democracy has the same views as the United States. Jordan is a Democracy and a young one at that. Their policies are evolving and they are making progress in their effort to become a full fledged democracy. Iraq wasn't and didn't have any plans on becoming a democratic nation as that would have involved taking power away from Sadaam and his hand picked Generals. 

Posted by Catonine
1/26/2005 07:17:00 pm  
yes, and clearly iraq is better off now than they were before. explain to me then why nothing is being done in sudan? (hint: they have no oil) 

Posted by angiekruger
1/26/2005 07:25:00 pm  
I am not arguing about Bush. I was just pointing out that Jordan is a deomcracy while Iraq wasn't. Iraq will have a lot of work to do to become their best, and they have no where to go but up it seems. We have to pick and choose our fights. We choose Iraq right now. Just because the democrats lost the last election doesn't give them the right to use petty arguments to divide the country. What happened to supporting the country? When my idiot borthers and sisters do stupid things I still love them. That is the attitude that needs to be brought in here. As a country the US is divided and as such is much weakened.  

Posted by Catonine
1/26/2005 08:07:00 pm  
Yes, and clearly Iraq is better off now than they were before.

Hey... I'm happy to see we agree on something finally.

explain to me then why nothing is being done in Sudan? (hint: they have no oil)

You know what... I didn't even need your hint to know that. That is one of those horribly bitter truths that you have to suck down ... It's reality. It's self-interest, and it's necessary in any given equation. We can't afford to act right now based on morality alone ... we contribute to the UN for that, so go ask the UN for the answer you want ... I'd be interested to also. 

Posted by Mechelle
1/26/2005 08:18:00 pm  
Or better yet bypass the UN and go straight to the Islamic Fundamentalists and ask THEM why they are killing in the Sudan.

-begin quote-The bloody 14-year civil war raging in Sudan is in large part due to a government attempt to establish a state based on Islamic fundamentalism-at the expense of the rights of non-Muslim tribes to choose their own forms of religious expression. The forced Islamization began in 1983 and has resulted in the virtual genocide of non-Muslim Sudanese peoples. An estimated 1.5 million people have died and 5 million have been displaced since the war began.-endquote- 

Posted by Catonine
1/26/2005 08:51:00 pm  
bushy is showing his curious george side again

ps.. i just got my waher delievered 

Posted by april
1/26/2005 09:06:00 pm  
"When my idiot borthers and sisters do stupid things I still love them.".

It is not a matter of loving them or ceasing to. I dare hope if your idiot brothers went around murdering ppl, you might still love them but would nevertheless disagree with their actions and agree they should be locked up. 

Posted by WhyNot
1/26/2005 10:11:00 pm  
Catonine (and Mechelle), you are again confusing country with government. They are not the same thing.

Iraq is not a vile place. Vile things have been done there for decades, a vile man ran it, and a vile man invaded it and is now murdering its citizens. But it is not a "cesspool." All human beings deserve dignity. And you are forgetting that the reason Iraq had "no plans" for democracy was because they were under martial law enforced by a wealthy tyrant (Saddam.) Guess how that tyrant became so powerful? You got it, the United States government supported him, while he was gassing the Kurds, while he was invading Iran, while he was filling mass graves. Think about history for a minute before you go calling Iraq a "vile cess pool of indignity." There is a lot more to this story than what you see on television. 

Posted by Sarah
1/26/2005 11:12:00 pm  
-beginquote- cess·pool (sĕs'pūl') n. 1.) -snip- 2.) A filthy, disgusting, or morally corrupt place -endquote-

by this definition the whole earth is a cesspool. 

Posted by Catonine
1/26/2005 11:38:00 pm  
When did I call Iraq a vile cesspool? And how am I confusing country and government? As for everything you've written above ... I don't disagree with any of it ... Condoleezza Rice even stated the other day, yes, all of that is true, and obviously it was bad policy. I took that to mean we might actually have now learned that when we create monsters, they eventually turn around and bit us on the ass. Just what we deserve, but not what the Iraqi people deserved ...

How did I get into this one... I thought I was agreeing with you, somewhat. 

Posted by Mechelle
1/27/2005 12:00:00 am  
To be quite frank I think Iraq is only better off in that Saddam is gone. Otherwise they are in the shits. The infrastructure is destroyed. Electricity and water are still not functioning for all properly. Personal security is nill. Terrorist groups that were not there before are now. The current election is a good show but that's all it is as a large portion of the people will not be voting for one reason or another. Yes, Mr. Bush is exhorting them from the White House to get out and vote in spite of threats from the terrorist. Considering his actions during the Vietnam war I have to wonder how he would act as an Iraqi in this situation.

Dahr Jamil who reports from Iraq has pointed out in his latest article that kidnapping has become the crime of choice amongst Iraqi criminal gangs. With 70% unemployment in "liberated" Iraq, crime is running rampant, with organized crime enjoying a free hand amidst the terrible security situation.

Despite the façade of an independent "interim Iraqi government," the US occupation effectively controls Iraq to this day. The occupation set up the "laws" which are currently in effect in Iraq, and it is primarily responsible for the atrocious security situation that has allowed crimes of this kind to become commonplace in occupied Iraq.

I could post all day long there is so much material.

Posted by Dianne
1/27/2005 12:56:00 am  



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